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Colllo Community Leaders in Diaspora 

For Immediate Public Attention  

November 12, 2020 

We, Collo community Leaders in Diaspora, would like to draw the attention of Collo people, the  peace-loving South Sudanese communities, human rights organizations and international  community to the recent senseless killings that targeted members of the Collo community in  Malakal, Upper Nile State, South Sudan. This happened on November 4, 2020. On that date  three prominent members of the Collo in Malakal: one a high ranking official with South Sudan  Council of Churches and the other a South Sudanese army general, were deliberately targeted  and murdered in cold blood. This is a completely unprovoked, cowardly act perpetuated by  anti-peace tribal terrorists known for their evil scheme to grab Collo land in collaboration with  their bloody ethnic allies in the centre, to dominate the entire South Sudan. We the Collo  Community Leaders in Diaspora strongly condemn these ethnically motivated crimes against  our peace-loving Collo people in Malakal. Our hearts go out to the victims and families of this  wanton killings of unarmed civilians. 

It is to be remembered that just less than a month ago innocent Collo civilians were similarly  killed in Malakal by the same anti-peace tribal terrorists. The peace agreement that was  brokered by IGAD to help stop the war in South Sudan is now being sabotaged every month,  every week, and indeed every day, by this continuing cycle of killings that target the Collo  community. 

This loss of innocent lives is the more shocking and traumatizing as these ethnically motivated  killings are happening just at a time when South Sudanese communities are supposed to be  enjoying peace. The end of the 2013-2018 war that caused indiscriminate destruction of life  and property in Malakal and elsewhere in South Sudan should have convinced everyone to  denounce all forms of violence. The signing of the peace agreement was witnessed by the  region and international community. So, as every peace-loving soul would expect, all  communities should have embraced peaceful coexistence. Alas, it is clear some circles with  narrow tribal agenda have other calculations and objectives they would like to achieve in  defiance of the peace agreement. Clearly, these tribal terrorists are the enemies of peace in  South Sudan. They feel protected. In actual fact, they are protected, armed, and supported by  their tribal alliance to press ahead with their tribal project to occupy Collo land and to ethnically  cleanse Collo. Together with their tribal alliance, they have a mission to grab not only Collo land  but also other communities’ lands. So, they are engaging in destabilizing acts of aggression, 

killings and intimidation of Collo in Malakal and other places in the country. Their dream and  goal is to dominate the entire South Sudan. 

There are 64 nationalities in South Sudan. However, we know there is one, and only one, ethnic  group which has been terrorizing the rest of nationalities in the country. Thus, we exactly know  the enemies of peace who are committing the these ethnically targeted crimes. In Upper Nile,  they have been active and hell-bent in a crusade to grab and occupy Collo lands. In their thirst  and hunger to accelerate the achievement of this evil dream they have now intensified their  ethnic cleansing scheme by repeatedly attacking and killing innocent Collo. 

In Jonglei state, they target the Murle community, frequently launching unprovoked attacks  into Murle areas to destroy this ethnic group and grab its ancestral land. The Murle people  would have been finished if it were not for the resilience and resolve of the Murle to defend  themselves from ethnic cleansing at the hands of this anti-peace tribal terrorists. In greater  Equatoria, these enemies of peace, protected and supported militarily by their tribal alliance  have grabbed some Bari lands near the capital, Juba. In Madi land elements of the anti-peace  tribal alliance are terrorizing indigenous residents and threatening to establish themselves,  including forcibly, in the border town of Nimule in spite of local resistance to such illegal land  grabbing. Again, in Equatoria, the tribal alliance campaign to occupy other communities’ lands  is now being pursued and expanded relentlessly into Acholi areas. In Unity State, these enemies  of peace are attempting to grab lands belonging to some Nuer sections. In Bahr El-Ghazal, there  is an orchestrated scheme that is systemically harassing, marginalizing, killing, and grabbing  lands of smaller ethnic communities.

There are indications that the anti-peace campaign to  target Collo and other peace-loving communities is being green-lit and supported by some  tribal circles that use state power and authority in favor of one ethnic group. We know those  ethnically driven tribal circles. 

As a matter of fact, it is noteworthy that because of the bloody drive of the evil tribal alliance to  ethnically cleanse other communities, in recent years the United Nations has been warning of  genocide in South Sudan. We believe this warning is still valid today.  

The Collo are a peace-loving people as known by all ethnic groups all over South Sudan, in the  region and internationally. They have a right to live in peace after the peace agreement has  been signed. The Collo have a right to feel safe, especially in Malakal and other Collo ancestral  areas. They want nothing but peaceful coexistence with their neighbors. However, let it be  known that attempts to ethnically target Collo and depopulate them from Malakal and other  Collo lands will only help to solidify their resolve more than ever before to liberate their lands.  Like any other community or nation in the world, the Collo nation have a right to self-defense.  In the face of continuing killings targeting Collo in Malakal and other parts of the country,  killings that are being perpetuated by one particular ethnic group and its tribal alliance, the  Collo are left with no options but to take the matter of their defense into their own hands.  After all, the right to self-defense is a legitimate right. 

So, let the tribal enemies of peace in Upper Nile state know they will not get away with their  continuing, cowardly crimes. Let those dreaming of taking other people’s lands and dominating  South Sudan know they will never ever achieve this evil project.  

To the South Sudanese communities whose peace, existence and ancestral lands have been  threatened or grabbed by the one tribe seeking to dominate you, this tribal terror must be  stopped before cleansing and genocide of the peace-loving Collo, Murle, Acholi, Bari, Lwo  (Luo), Fertit, Burun (Maban), Madi, Nuer and other groups is complete. The 63 nationalities that are being targeted and victimized by the antipeace tribal terror must stand up now and  defend themselves before it is too late. Together let us rise up for peace. Let us stop the  enemies of peace now. Nobody is coming to your communities’ defense or to even to  condemn the evils acts targeting your communities, it is only us, standing together to defend  our communities against this antipeace tribal terror and the circles that arm, support and  finance them. 

This is not to incite violence against any ethnic group, but to draw a line in the sand to let the  enemies of peace know their aggression and terror against other communities must stop and  stop now. 




  • Karlo Kwol Akol, Chairmain, Collo Community, The United Kingdom 
  • William Ator, President, Pashodo Community Mutual Assistance Association, The USA
  • James Obenyi Kudit, Coordinator, Collo Canadian Association 
  • Banydhuro Samson Oyay, Chairman, Australian Chollo Community in Victoria
  • Yohanes Nyago, Chairman, Collo in Europe
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