Late Dr. John Garang Mabior (File Image)
Late Dr. John Garang Mabior (File Image)

Cde Late John Garang was Born on Saturday 23rd June, 1945; Buk, Wangkulei, Bor, Southern Sudan. One of the Seven Children of Mabior Atem and his Mother Gag Malual Kuol; 5 Sons and 2 Daughters.

By the age of 10, father Mabior Atem Aruai and mother Gag Malual Kuol passed away, leaving Young Garang an Orphan.


In 1953-57: Cde John Garang attended Tonj Elementary School in Current Warrap State

1957-61: in Busere intermediate School

1961-62: at Rumbek Senior Secondary School, interrupted by Anyanya One War

1964-65: Garang Completed Secondary studies at Magamba Senior Secondary School in Tanzania.


1965-69: Enrolled at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa (USA) earning B.A, Economics

1969: Thomas J.Watson Fellowship Award

1969: Research fellow at the University of Dar Es Salam, (under the Thomas J. Watson fellowship).


1970: he Chose to Join Anyanya movement instead of pursuing graduate studies at the university of California, Berkeley that had granted him rare chance

1972: immediately after the Addis Ababa Accord, he was absorbed into the Sudanese Army from the Anyanya Guerrilla Army with the Rank of a Captain.


From 1974-75: course with Diploma, infantry officers advanced course ( IOAC-7-74), United States Army infantry school, fort Benning Georgia.

1975-1976: instructor, Sudan Military Academy

1976: Married his Soul mate Cde Rebecca Nyandeng. The Current VP Now.

1976-77: Took Command of Battalion 105, Bor 


1977: study leave in the USA.

1979: Earned M.A Agricultural Economics, Iowa state University, Ames, Iowa.

1981: Awarded PhD, Economics, Iowa state university, Ames, Iowa. His Doctoral thesis is based on the Jonglei Canal Project.


1982: back in his Military Career, promoted full Colonel, and appointed Deputy Director of Military Research, Army GHQ.

Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, University of Khartoum.


May 1983: left for his hometown of Bor Becoming founding member of SPLM/SPLA months later. The same year he became chairman and Commander-in-Chief, SPLA/SPLM until Death.


9th January 2005, Signed historic Comprehensive Peace Agreement, (CPA) with the government in Khartoum, in Nairobi Kenya.

Friday 8th July 2005, he returned to Khartoum with a record breaking reception.

Saturday 9th July, Sworn in as Sudan's First Vice President and became president of the Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan, (GoSS).


Saturday 30th July 2005, he died in a Helicopter crash at new site, southern Sudan after visiting his comrade, Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta museveni.


Saturday 6th August 2005, laid to rest in Juba, Southern Sudan after his casket toured new Sudan towns for last public View.


To Conclude, as SPLM Senior Political Activist, this is all about the life history of our Father of the Nation Cde Late Dr. John Garang the Warrior of good Cause.

Cde late Dr. John Garang is Man of no fear, man of no defeat, man of no reasonable doubt, man of no questionable doubt and man of no return back to weakness.

Cde late Dr. John Garang; was a great man, upright and with a remarkable vision for, not only the Sudanese but mankind as a whole; one magnificent deed, irrespective of magnitude, reverberates across the whole realm of mankind correspondingly.


Garang De Mabior cried; " my Boys the Victory of this Nation is Yours!"


Cde late Dr. John Garang Mabior Atem Aruai Oyeee

The Warrior of good Cause

Hero Never Died.


SPLM Oyeee


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The SPLM Senior Political Activist

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