Governor Manytuil donated over ten thousand US Dollars to the Unity State's studies in Uganda (©Office Of the Governor- Unity State)
Governor Manytuil (©Office Of the Governor- Unity State)
The governor of Unity State,Hon Dr Joseph Manytuil Wejang has donated more than ten thousand US Dollars to the Unity State's students studies at various Universities and colleges in Uganda.
The donation comes when Honorable Governor Manytuil sent Hon Malual Tap this year to access the condition of Unity State's students studies in Uganda. 
Perhaps,this donation of ten thousand US dollars will cover over fifty percent of their tuition fees. 
Meanwhile,the representative of Unity State Students in Uganda applauded Hon governor Manytuil for always standing with students. He added that,it's not first time for Hon governor to assist students studies in abroad.
Hence,Hon governor Manytuil made many pledges to the students, early this year he pledged over 8 million South Sudanese Pounds to the students of Defunct Northern Liech State studies in Juba, Upper Nile and Catholic University of South Sudan.
Copyright © 2020 Office Of the Governor- Unity State
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