SPLM Supporter (File Image)
SPLM Supporter (File Image)

By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The Sudan people's liberation movement, SPLM, was founded on 16th May, 1983, in the Town of Bor as a political arm of the Sudan people's liberation Army, SPLA.

SPLM waged a fierce liberation struggle that is recorded in history as Africa's longest war due to the determination of its citizens that rejected political, ethnic, religious and cultural domination from successive Islamic governments of Sudan. 

SPLM is a Democratic, mass political party; it is a nonracial, non religious, non ethnic with its membership open to all south sudanese. The SPLM has accompanied the people of south Sudan through a comprehensive peace Agreement CPA, and witnessed peaceful south Sudan's Referendum that gave birth to an independent Republic of south Sudan, the world's newest Nation on July 9th 2011.

Through its leadership Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit and strong party members, SPLM is committed to peace building, reconciliation, devolution of powers to the grassroots, economic transformation and empowering the skilled citizens to effective service delivery.

Since 2011 the SPLM has become an effective ruling party in the Republic of South Sudan through people's choice that entrusted the party to champion its liberation cause. South sudanese is at the heart of the SPLM operation to realize its liberation ideals.

In Conclusion, SPLM is the People's Party and People's Revolution, why? Because every household in the Republic of South Sudan Contributed both materials and humans to liberate our Country from the Khartoum Regime.


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The SPLM senior Political Activist

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