Yel Deng Ajook Chol


Dear all: I have decided to break the silence over this particular point in issue, (the state of our economy) that has been a subject of discussion in public platforms. At this onset, all those with different views with regard to our collapsing/already collapsed economy are not expected to be on board with me but I believe that at least the vast majority in this Country would concur with my point. And for that matter, I am pleading for forgiveness in advance in the event that I offended anybody. It is worthy to mention that this piece of writing is my personal opinion and should not in any way be misconstrued and/or misinterpreted to mean other than that intended by me.

As I put the heading in the questionnaire form, the expects of it are that I would give reasons as to why I said it so, however, I will not give any reason as to why I/we need Akech Apuruot in the Ministry of Finance and Planning because it is not me recommending him but his own actions characterized with high commitment and determination to do something with nothing and as put forth in the article on Akol Maduok's Facebook wall dated 28th August 2020. Akech Apuruot is a man of action not talking, as talking and rhetoric became the rules of the day these days.

I have been harbouring the feeling that one of the only few individuals who have the capabilities and abilities to revive our dead economy is Prof. Akech who raised University of Juba from the ashes, but I was fearing that the Students of the University of Juba would condemn me of wishing to let them down by calling for the appointment of their trusted Vice Chancellor to be the Minister of Finance and Planning,  perhaps, being branded as being egoistic and mindless of others because it might be taken that I do not care of what will happen after Prof. Akech is removed as V/C and appointed as Minister of Finance on the ground that I have already completed my studies in The University of Juba pending the graduation. But I beg the students of  The University of Juba to sacrifice John Akech if our President listens to the voices of the people and appoints him into that lucrative ministry that failed our economy.

We believe that if president, as he always puts it in several occasions that he did not get the people who do the job as expected but people who know how to eat only,  appoints him, he will do the job as expected by the people and the leadership of this country and His Excellency Will find some sorts of eases and comforts.

Your Excellency, our economy is collapsing if it did not already collapse, and therefore we need the man whom the citizens have seen his hand. Prof. Akech will make a good Minister of  Finance and Planning ever known in your Cabinets and if Your Excellency want to alleviate the lives of our citizens, who are in poor living standard due to the deterioration of our Economy, then I/we recommend for the Appointment of Prof. John Akech Apuruot as the Minister of Finance and Planning.



It had never been my habit to recommend any official on Facebook or on any other media outlets but I broke the silence over this particular point in issue and I will continue to advocate for it.

We are in an experimental stage where we must depend on try-and-error. If the first fails, we try the second until we find the working solution. Akech seems to be the alternative dear President.


Yours sincerely.

Yel Deng Ajook Chol

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