Please disregard this document trending on Facebook with velocity of an asteroid. This document was designed by the rogue fellow with his boys three days ago as a means of distorting the ongoing case between the Union and the boy of a rogue minister after they have realized that the boy will eventually go to jail after the court hearing, because he lacks substantial evidence. 

This case will never be suspended as you anticipate in your political clique fellows. Your lunatic fringe will be convicted in court and he must serve his court sentence this round as a lesson to him and his political godfather. 

Propaganda will never bear any fruit and mark my word. We are aware of all those who are behind this fake document circulated here on Facebook. 

The useless minister had a meeting some days back with some guys we know to design this cheap propaganda. But guess what, the trail must continue whether you like it or not. Feeding the public with myopic and meager cheap propaganda will never stop this case.


By, Tarir makoi 

Spokesperson of SSNYU

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