University of Juba (File Image)
University of Juba (File Image)


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac


Where are they previous supporters of Mayom Paul Abol Lok, Team No Return or whatever they called themselves?

Do you guys know that the University of Juba is open and your member is now in the mighty Blue house without trial or legal procedures in that house which he isn't supposed to be for more than a couple of months? I need Justice for Mayom Paul Abol Lok in the competent court of law.

You're not true friends and your stand is fragile to Mayom Paul Abol.

And that's why I said last time in my previous Opinion that they led the good boys of Paul Mayom Akech Riak to attack me without, Right, proper and morally “good" repository of power.

Honorable Paul Mayom Akech of Interior isn't the unifying leader of the people but the advance leader of Coercion only. As I put it clearly  couples of months ago Hon Mayom Paul totally failed enough and once more to bring us together we they people of Cuei-Cok Payam only leave alone Agaar community as general how can he manage them, but some of his North Korean attacked me in the pretext that Mayom Akech is our Uncle not a public figure with theirs semi Consciousness feeling and egoism.

Now Mayom Paul Abol Lok is suffering now with serious chronic Diarrhea, fever, sweating, chest pain, difficult breathing, headache, weight loss, chill, in the detention station under the power influence of Hon Paul Mayom Akech Riak.

In Conclusion, I am advising the good boys of Paul Mayom Akech to go and convince him to release Mayom Paul Abol Lok in detention for him to continue pursuing his studies in University.

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