Defunct Gogrial State (Wikipedia/Wikimedia)
Defunct Gogrial State (Wikipedia/Wikimedia)


By Riel Akolde 


In reference to the 2015 presidential Order No. 36/2015 AD for the creation of 28 States which later increased to 32 States, President Kiir had firstly appointed Lt. Col./ Hon. Abraham Gum Makuac Majak ( PSC) as the first governor of Gogrial State and after one and half year, he relieved him and named Gregory Deng Kuac Aduol as the second governor of Gogrial State.

While working with full diligence and humble approach towards his vision of seeing peaceful Gogrial, the selfish politicians incited and hired some Facebook addicts to publish false statements against Gen. Kuac for the purpose  of removing and succeeded him.

Definitely he had been actually relieved and succeeded by his home son who engineered his removal without good reasons. 

Hon. Deng Majong-acot welcome his removal unlike the other power hungry politicians and went back to the army where he serves for his youthful time upto date.

He believes that the country cannot be served only when one is appointed as the governor but at any type of labour. 

For the first day of his appointment as the governor of Gogrial State, many people including the writer criticized his appointment for being the brother in-law of H.E. the president but while in the field, many regretted their criticism simply because he was found to be a diligent, human, social and servant leader. 

When he went to Gogrial State, the security situation in the State was so tense and so he conducted so many peace rallies, dialogue and conferences as basic approaches  to conflict resolution compared to his successor who fire squad the parties to the conflict. 

He consults political and spiritual leaders in attempts to reconcile the parties involved in the conflict. 

Yei Peace Initiative was his idea where he took alongside with him the traditional chiefs, women representatives, youth, church and community leaders.

When he came back from Yei, he conducted a peace forum at Freedom Hall in Juba for the purpose of bringing together the people of Gogrial State on board and opine together on how the total peace and stability should be finally restored. 

However, with many good approaches being applied by the Hon. Governor, Gen. Gregory, Gogrial State had returned back to its normalcy and the citizens rejoiced in the fruits of his hard work.

Furthermore, though this writing is categorized into two parts, it is worth enough to note some few reasons that made him to be the best among three governors of the defunct Gogrial State and these include the following;


1. He was so fair and just 

In his leadership, Hon. Gregory brought youth together by engaging them to unite themselves compared to his colleague and successor who divided the youth and fought with them thoroughly. 

Mr. Atem shut down all youthful Associations whether in Juba or back home, Kuajok. 

The Minister of Youth during Gregory was a young MP who loves young people the most. Hon. Ariech Mayar Ariech used to reach out every young person should be a student or a youth serving in different institutions for the sole reason of uniting the children of the soil aka Pan Akuoldit. 

There was no single youth being arbitrarily arrested, tortured and unlawfully detained which was not the case in Atem Atem Angok's reign. 


2. There was no corruption during his time 

Unlike VAA, it was the first time in Gogrial State history to be blessed with a rich and philanthropist Governor who owns businesses before he becomes governor as many people get positions empty handed and after two months, they surprise followers with V8 and other expensive properties. 

Nevertheless, he didn't ever commission or executive chief to collect unauthorized taxes for his own personal gain and he had not been briefed to appoint commissioner or minister which was the order of the day during the so called his successor. 


3. He used to appoint learned people 

Another thing that makes Hon. Deng Kuac Aduol a best leader who likes educated people who are capable of delivering sufficient services to the citizens of the state in particular  and the country as a whole. 


4. He lacks nepotism or any form of discrimination. 

Compared to other self-proclaimed leaders, Major General Deng Kuac Aduol doesn't treat people based on where they come from but his patriotism defines his love for every human being regardless of their community, clan, tribes among others. He believes in the fact that South Sudan is our tribe and to prove this, he always be friends with Nuers, Chollos and Equatorians by tribe.


5. He is a developmental cadre 

When Gen. Kuac was appointed as governor of Gogrial State, the roads and Bridges conditions were so poor but when he had arrived in the State capital, he prioritised conflict resolution between the two sisterly communities and that was followed by roads renovation and construction of Ajiep Bridge that connects West Gogrial to East Gogrial. 

Public has been misled that this project was initiated by Victor Atem Atem which is absolutely not true.


Finally, Gen. Gregory proved doubting Thomases wrong because many were believing that apart from being a president's brother in-law, he is not capable of serving South Sudanese citizens in the political field but now people tasted his skills and so they request president Kiir to appoint him in one of the top national seats.


Note: We need to give due credit to someone who owes it and criticism to who deserves it. 


To be continued.........

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