South Sudan Police (@unmiss media)
South Sudan Police (@unmiss media)

By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

I am responding to the group of disgruntled youth who disseminated a false propaganda against our inspector general of police  Gen Majak Akec Malok. The said group claimed that Gen. Majak Akec is targeting members of certain communities through the detention of Brig.Gen. Majier Abdalla Mabior and several others. The same propagandists claimed that Gen. Majak Akec has taken sides in the Shirakat Incidence without giving evidence.

All of you are aware that a committee known as Shirakat Incidence Committee was formed by the President of the Republic Gen. Salva Kiir to investigate the root causes of the incidence and to present resolutions to him ( president) within seven days. The Shirakat Incidence Committee under the minister of justice and constitutional affairs presented the resolutions to the president and the police was tasked to implement those resolutions by arresting the suspects from both sides of the incident. 

All the arrested suspects from both sides of the incidence were arrested by the police on the orders from the above. Their arrest was in implementation of the resolutions of the Shirakat Incidence Committee. As all of you know that Gen. Majak Akech is a head of law enforcement agency ( police) which is constitutionally entitled to implement orders from the judiciary. The arrest of Gen. Majier Abdalla and other suspects should not be falsely associated with Gen. Akec or any general in the police. There are no personal differences between Gen. Majier Abdalla and Gen. Majak Akec. 

There are no personal differences between Gen. Majak and Majier's community. The inspector general of police Gen. Majak Akec was exercising his duties as an inspector general of police. The responsibilities of police are clearly defined in the constitution. Therefore, implementing the arrest warrant is one of those duties. What the public should know is that an arrest warrant was issued by the judiciary against Gen. Majier Abdalla and many other suspects from both sides of the incident. This arrest warrant as attached below, was submitted to the Inspector general of police for implementation. So Gen. Majak Akech wrote a request to Majier's boss requesting for his ( Majier) arrest. So Gen. Majier was arrested by members of his unit and detained in his unit. 

In conclusion, the investigation process of all the detained suspects lie in the hand of the court not in the hand of police. Any decision that will be taken by the court will be implemented by the police. Therefore, I am requesting those who are calling for the release of Gen. Majier to direct their request to the court not to Gen. Majak Akec. The inspector general of police has nothing to do with either the investigation or release  of the detained suspects of Shirakat Incidence. 


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The SPLM senior Political Activist.

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