Dear: Collo in general

I don't know if we have names of the months already in Collo language public website

directory. If not, I propose though to have them post on the site for people who

want to learn the names of the months in Collo language. I know it might sound not

good because the vast majority already knew them. But bring them available on the

website is credically important for easy access. We need to expand our website by

bring more material to it and to make as one of Sudanese, rankig online

media. Since we know internet technology has become effictive form of communication

of our generation.

I encourage Collo intellectuals to do collectively contributions

for every aspect of Collo social cutlure or our history about who we are and have

them post on the website. Internet is useful tool, quicker and so convinence as an

online resource for learning or retrieving information. In recent days I learn

something I din't know about Collo history of Alam Tha War of 1881-1889 if I'm not

wrong. And also Jabelan massacre killing in which Shilluk people were the potential

victim. For this reason, I strongly propose online resource. I would like to extend

my appreciation to the members who already contribute, people who are deeply care

about Collo prosperity. I wish God will increase their ability to do more for us.

Remember, above all our unity is truely important. I heard alot controversial of

Collo division. That hurt my feeling and disappointed me to see that Collo are

hunting for themselves. My question is what population we are to divide

ourselves? I think if I am not mistaken our population is less than ten percent

of general population of South Sudan. I don't know exactely but that is the

estimate. If we keep fighting ourselves for the matter which I don't understand

we are deminishing our community and our social rich culture. Thus bringing it to

total collapse. If we have issues confronting us, we should not exchange bad

words with bad words or revenge with revenge. This will make the matter worst.

Instead, we should deal with our crisises professionally without dishonoring each

others. A wise man don't need to revenge in order to win his right. But instead,

use his wisdom to unite people around him rather than to scatter people. I remind

you as we fight vultures are watching us.

In conclusion, my message is "stop fighting"


Chol Tip Survivor


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  • Guest - Michael Nyawnh

    Dear all Collo Members around the world, I'm very happy to hear that there is a reconiliation peace going on beween our Collo groups particuar Dr. Lam Akol and Mr Pagan Amum, secretary general of S.P.L.M/A. Collo had been lead in to very complicated conflict which has dishonore our dignity and dignitaries. To you all Collo members, Let us have a words of foregiveness, peace of mind, polite words for persuasive one another to feel at home, make a free smooth raod for our youngest brothers and sisters, so that they may deal with big challenge that coming now behind us, Shilluk community in general, instead of teaching them the differences. We should teach our brothers and sisters the way that may leave them united and stronge to face any challenge that will come today and tomorrow. to back up words, any community has conflict, crimmal and gangs members. But who are the solution? to me solution are leaders and elders of the community. Who are they leaders and elders of Collo community today around the world, I think Dr.Lam Akol, Dr.Peter Adwok Nyaba and Mr. Pagan Amum are while known political Leaders and Collo Leaders and elders at same time. Also they are many of collo political leaders I'm not aware of, that we as Collo should be proud of and admiration of representing ours Country Sudan and Southern Sudan.
    My last words. Let all of us feelwith peace, enjoy, wisdom, polite, Love, and United amonge all Collo members in U.S.A, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Canada,UK,Europe,and Ausral. And others countries I did'n mention.

    Our Heavenly Father, GOD of Abarham, GOD of Isaac, GOD of Jacob with Holy Spirit be with you all around world and his shining peace on you all.

    U.S.A Peace Lover

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