Zechariah Makuach Maror


By Zechariah Makuach Maror

If I may ask these questions! What sets Mother Teresa and Bill Gates apart from the rest of the western world's temperament? What makes Makiir Gai Thiep a popular businessman among South Sudanese business people? What makes a genuinely philanthropic gift, a person differences? Are there different emerging generous people in South Sudan? These are the fewest questions I'm going to exemplify in these articles.

In all over the world, the average person doesn’t dedicate the majority of his/her life to the service of others or give a large portion of his/her wealth to improve worldwide common goods and reduce poverty, but incredibly generous people tick differently. They are wired just in a way that they can’t just help but give as much as possible. And perhaps by looking into the characteristics that set these people apart, we can learn to become more like them ourselves and such people are liken of the young entrepreneur I'm going to talk about.

Generous people care, giving the fact that they give truly, freely and do so because they are also concerned about their obligation as a human. They love mankind and hope to see a better world and hate to see others’ suffering, and as such willing to do something about it. Although there are many different types of generous people, there are some common traits that the most generous people share. Whether they give their time or their money, these qualities are largely shared by the individuals who are most devoted to giving back tangible things to their communities and families in any sphere of life.

Although the Latin root of the word means “of noble birth,” by no means is generosity limited to people in positions of power. While it is typically the high-profile people who are in the news for their generosity, anyone can become more generous simply by paying attention to his/her actions toward other people in need. According to Emmanuel Levinas, the French philosopher who once said, and I quote, "A generous person will display worthy qualities even if he knows the people or group he is helping is not going to do the same in return", End quote. It is memorably a month ago, where I have come across a social media post that a certain lady Named Achai Wiir whom I don’t know her status has donated mobility to a certain man called George Kenyi, one of the traffic police officer who’s accurate work in Seven Days Round-About caught attention of South Sudanese social media users. This week, Achai Wiir has fulfilled her promise by availing that premio car to George Kenyi which was popularly celebrated in seven days roundabout by many people.

First and foremost, Achai Wiir is an altruistic young lady whom I neither know her personality nor her business, what I do know is that she does help the needy. She gives without hope of receiving compensation for her good deeds. Personal gain of ‘thank you’ may occur, but it is not a motivating factor for the most generous people who always give. I have heard of her in many occasions that she has sponsored many treatment referral that could have been detrimental to the health of those being, some succeeded in pursuant of recovery and some get away not because there is no one that has stepped in for help, but because of our obvious fact that, no one is immune in processing heavenly visa, a condition that God has set for any living things.

Generous people are eventually idealistic which I guess my sister Achai Wiir might be holding a certain image of the way the world should be, and she might be striving to achieve that end. Although the world is not a perfect place, she did not stop giving her time, energy or money to the neediest and generous to patriotic people who love this state like George Kenyi, a traffic police servant who had won the trust of the Dot-Com community on social media. Describing Achai as an optimist, she sees the world in a different light than we Media practitioners see, for us, we cried for State's authority to consider George Kenyi by promoting him as a reward for his good work, but for Achai, She truly believes that South Sudan, although not perfect economically; There are possibilities at one’s personal capacity where by a hard-working public servant can be motivated to do much better work in better condition than expecting government to do so. She believed that one has a role to motivate another hard-working serviceman instead of the government.

She has shown us that trust is a major quality amongst the most generous people which she has proved beyond reasonable doubt to young desperate people of this country. She trusts completely that the cause for giving valuable premium vehicles to George Kenyi is a worthy one, and for her to attract the attention that the people involved in that cause will do their best to help achieve the goal of transforming traffic police to be professional traffic police than pay something traffic police. For those who live like her and others, she means, a trust that others involved in the cause of something will be in a position to use his/her time and resources appropriately to be generous like her.

When you think of people being generous, energy is one of the first things that come to mind. These individuals who devote their energy to the good that they want to do for others; they also gain energy from their cause. When the most generous people spend their time working on a goal, they are revitalized and energized to do even more good because they get unconventional rewards too inform of willful Benediction from the one he/she has assisted.

Such quality might seem to be an odd one at first, but the most generous people are not afraid to stand up and lead for their cause. Although not everyone can actually lead their group or cause, this does not discount their individuals' leadership ability. Getting involved is in itself a form of leadership. The most generous people share these qualities to differing degrees. If you are concerned with increasing your own level of generosity, adopting the factor of Achai Wiir’s trait will get you started and ended in the right direction which every living creature desires.

A generous action can be activated from generosity, due to the person being generous which in most cases is associated with love for the people. But a generous action can be a one-off action in form of ‘GIFT’, done by someone who possesses philanthropic traits. Acting in a generous way entails having the virtue of benevolence. But performing a generous action does not require an egotistical attitude. What set the world's number one richest man popular, Mr. Bill Gates Bill, is that, Gates used the power of money to change the world through donation to charity organizations, and what set mother Teresa popular is that Teresa used the power of love to change the world. And I think love is more powerful than money. In case you don't know, Mother Teresa was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to helping the poor. So if Mother Teresa and Bill Gates managed to register the unforgettable history and they haven’t once served in the government, then why not Achai wiir in fragile South Sudan where everyone is a needy.

For my five years of studies at the college level, all we were told about was Kiir Gai Thiep, a good philanthropic tycoon in South Sudan who always assisted students in their activities, it is natural to say that he had performed that generous actions out of return and as I was recently told that he has now broken and some of his businesses got collapsed, But that’s it. Whether he got that misfortune from generosity, and whether he is thereby bankrupted for other reasons which is unknown given the thin descriptions of the causes from distant sources, he is still a popular and at the same time a great businessman of all times in South Sudan because of his former gift to countless neediers.

I have already invoked the language of “gifts.” Gifts by their nature are not things one is required to bestow on a recipient. They are freely chosen, praiseworthy if bestowed, but not blameworthy if omitted. I guess Achai Wiir's donation is a kind of gift not only to George Kenyi but a charity to all traffic police officers who might be performing their good job outside the gas of media. Achai wasn’t required by laws to make this donation, and ordinarily wouldn’t be blamed if she might have not reached other hard-working servicemen outside there. Similarly, for other generous people who their gift are not acknowledged, it is not because you didn't make a gift of sorts with the time and energy but your volunteering gift you might have given in absence of our attention is praiseworthy but discretionary in case you would not be in a position to accept my great gratitude.

Thank you so much Achai Wiir for your generous gift to George Kenya [Traffic police as an organization]. I'm thrilled to see George Kenyi receiving your support this week. Through your donation, we, social media users who have been advocating for George Kenyi’s reward, have been able to accomplish the goal of advocating for a better society where one is rewarded based on merit of what one does and not where one’s comes from. And I urged the media community to continue working towards tracing out hard-working civil servants so that they are kept in the gas public scrutiny, this will not only inculcate patriotism but act as a condition of redefining our lost direction. I should have to say that the media and Achai Wiir have truly made the difference for us (young people), and I'm extremely grateful! Today Achai Wiir donation is going toward the problem, a problem that resulted from the lack of acknowledgement and motivation. George would have been promoted in the summer of last year when a group of Academics and youth emerged from different parts of Juba city to the Seven Days Round-About to convey to him the message of Honorary for the great job he had been doing. The vibrancy of the youth since that time over the acknowledgement of George Kenyi shows who we are and it will serve as an indication that ‘together we are making a difference!’ Our continuous support for our mission of youth-hood is deeply gratifying to all of us, and we hope it is the same for any other aged person who wishes a better future for his/her children. 

Thank be to Achai Wiir!

The writer is an activist and he could be reached via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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