Hon. Machok Majong Jong

Hon. Machok Majong (file photo/supplied)

By Ayok Thon Akoon

Before I respond to the baseless articles, written by the disgruntled and desperate former speaker of defunct Gogrial State against the respected veteran Hon. Machok Jong, I would like to highlight in detail what prompted me to pen this article in defense of Hon. Machokdit. I felt much concerned to see a mere civilian and local politician attacking a freedom fighter who took up arms and fought for the independence of South Sudan. Therefore, the baseless and groundless information which Mr. Ariech Mayar said against our freedom fighter has compelled me to prepare this article in his support.

First and foremost, Hon. Machok Majong joined SPLM/ SPLA in 1984 in Bilpham, the historical headquarters of SPLA by then. After the graduation from the military field, he was deployed under the overall command of Alternate Commander Anthony Bol Madut. He was wounded by Arab Regime's forces during the fierce battle in 1988 at Hiyal, Torit. He was one of the SPLA officers under the overall command of Late CDR Anthony Bol Madut with CDR Obote Mamur as an operational commander. This is how our veteran Hon. Machok Majone lost one of his arms. However, the frustrated local politician Hon. Ariech Mayar claimed in one of his Facebook articles that Hon. Machok Jong was injured in the Upper Nile Region in the 1990s, something very contradictory to the truth. By the way, this crook called Ariech Mayar can't be blamed because he was busy rearing cattle in the village in the 1980s at the time when Hon. Machokdit was in the bush fighting for freedom and independence. How can a mere cowboy know where and when a soldier was wounded?. 

After the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, Hon. Machokdit  Majong Jong was appointed as a Deputy Chairperson of South Sudan Commission for Widows, Orphans, Wounded Heroes and Heroines by the President of Southern Sudan H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit. During his tenure in the office as a Deputy Chairperson, Machokdit and his Chairman by then Hon. Deng Dau Malek established numerous centers for wounded heroes, heroines, and orphans across the country. These established centers were beneficial to the wounded heroes, heroines and orphans. However all these centers collapsed after the exit of Hon. Machokdit from the commission.

In the 2010 General Elections, Machok Majong Jong was persuaded by the members of his constituency to contest for a parliamentary seat to the South Sudan National Legislative Assembly. Indeed, he won the parliamentary seat of Kuac Constituency Number 7 to the National Legislative Assembly in Juba. He is currently representing Kuac Constituency of Gogrial West County, Warrap State in the National Parliament. Hon. Machok Majong Jong is a good leader because he always represents the problems that are facing the people in his constituency in the National Parliament. In addition to that, he has used the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to build Mabior Dong Primary School in Kuac South Payam, Gogrial West County. He is one of the most successful members of parliament who used the Constituency Development Funds for providing social services to the people at the grassroot levels. 

He is a social person who always sympathizes with the poor people. Being a good leader doesn't mean holding a position but it means possessing the qualities of a good leader. Hon. Machokdit is always ready to stand with his people during the critical time. Therefore, I urge all the social media users who might have read Hon. Ariech Mayar's articles disregard them immediately. What the public should understand is that Hon. Machok Majong is senior to Hon. Ariech Mayar in the SPLM, in the government and even in Kuac Community hierarchy and in terms of age. Hon. Machokdit is a National Member of Parliament representing Kuac Constituency Number 7 at the National Legislative Assembly while Hon. Mayar is a local Member of Parliament representing Kuac constituency at Warrap State Parliament. Secondly, Hon. Machok is a senior and an active member of SPLM ruling party while Hon. Ariech Mayar is not even a recognized member of SPLM. Thirdly, Hon Machokdit is one of the senior and most respected elders of Kuac Community while Hon. Ariech Mayar is not even among the junior elders, leave alone senior elders. Fourthly, Hon. Machok had held several positions in the national government while Hon. Ariech Mayar has never stepped his feet in any position in the national government. Let's accept the fact that Hon. Ariech Mayar is traumatized because of losing his position of speakership following the dissolution of 32 states and that is why he has reached the level of attacking the veteran and freedom fighter.

In Conclusion, the people of South Sudan particularly the wounded heroes, heroines, widows and orphans are appealing to the President of the Republic to appoint Hon. Machok Majong Jong as a Chairperson of South Sudan Commission for Widows, Orphans, Wounded Heroes and Heroines so that he may be able to re-establish the centers for orphans and wounded heroes/ heroines. The commission for widows, orphans and wounded heroes is at verge of collapsing and it needs a competent veteran and freedom fighter like Hon Machok Majong Jong to revive it.

The Author is A Senior Political Analyst and he can be reached via Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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