Lakes State (File Image/Wikipedia)
Lakes State (File Image/Wikipedia)

Open letter To Hon, Paul Mayom Akech, General Malek Rueben Riak, Hon Agok Makur kur, General, Majak AKech Malok, General, Rin Tueny Mabor, undersecretaries, our Honorable members in the National assembly


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac


" inter communal  Conflicts in Lakes state is our Roles to end it All"


Dear, Senior Comrades I Salute all of you wherever you're in the country or Countryside.

First and foremost,  I would like to seize this genuine opportunity to express my opinion regarding the ongoing clan conflicts in Lakes State and the panacea to this senseless fighting among our Gelweng youth or amongst the armed civilians.


My fellow community members both in the country and diaspora,  the communal and subclan conflicts didn't start recently during the leadership of Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit but its history can be traced back to the pre-independent period especially in 2002.


Now we the Community of lakes state are well represented in the most powerful institutions of our Government like the Minister of  interior which is the law enforcement Agency, Defense, Monetary plus health and other.


My Concern as Youth of lakes state I need my leaders  in Government to adapt the Rescue Mechanism of General AKol Koor Kuch of Tonjdit to help our Gelweng Youth from senseless fighting.


Sincerely speaking the Stability of lakes state must start in my hometown Rumbek, Exactly in every territory of Agaar Subclans if we really need lakes state to be peaceful and prosperous.


"Let us speak the truth dear comrades and come out with Solution that will help our innocent people who doesn't know the value of their own life" 


What are the Root causes of Conflicts in Lakes state Particularly in Agaar, Ciei, Gok, Atuot,Aliap and Apak and what will be the solution to their Problem?


1. Heroism

2. Grazing land

3. Cattle raiding 

4. Illiteracy

5. Nepotism

6. Land grabbing

7. And many other things dear leaders both in government and Traditional leaders you may know better than me.


The Solution of Conflicts in our Lakes state are:


1. Disarmament to whoever is holding an illegal Gun.

2.  Concrete implementation of Law without mercy.

3. Deployment of unify forces in Neighbouring States like Unity State, Western Equatoria and Warap.

4. Education to reduce the illiteracy in our Community especially in Rumbek North and Awerial County plus the rest of six counties.

5. Vocational training 

6. Construction of local Roads between Counties for services to reach our people in remote areas.

7. Our Expert Youth in Rural Development fields to Orienting our people about the importance of their Resources like Cattle, Cash crops, food crop and other.

8. To Provide a productive project to the Community Development.

9. Low price of Dowry 

10. Separation of traditional leaders from political influence

11. Empower Additional Court of law

12. Spiritual leaders of lakes state to unite and call our different gods of lakes state to rescue their innocent people.

Dear Citizens of lakes state the points of our stability are many more than what I know at my capacity.


Questions to all of us including our representatives above, Intellectuals, traditional leaders and our community in Diaspora?


1. Why Several governors led Lakes State and they were dismissed because of the clan conflicts and their dismissal didn't put an end to those conflicts?


2. Many disarmament campaigns were carried out under the leadership of previous governors but they also failed to end the conflicts. What's the problem Exactly?


3. Several peace and reconciliation conferences were held but also ended in vain. What's the problem once more ?


In Conclusion, I am Appealing to all elected members of lakes state who are now representing us in National Government, all of you has failed completely to delivery the Services to our people in remote areas nor protecting them from massive killing which is going on both day and night in lakes state like previous fighting on friday we lost 30(RIP) and 34 wounds(I wish all of you speedy recovery).


For your information my dear Senior comrades none of you will come back again if the election comes exactly because our civil population in Lakes state are now informed about the benefit of their vote you turn as your personal benefit, for example where are CDF?


Secondly you rescue the remaining Gelweng and other innocent people in Lakes state.


Thank you all dear comrades and that's all about my Opinions and more articles are loading.


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The SPLM Senior Political Activist, Juba.

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