Ambassador Seiji Okada (File/
Ambassador Seiji Okada (File/

By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac


First and foremost I would like to this golden opportunity as a concerned citizen and Political Activist of SPLM at my capacity to appreciate and acknowledge the great work done by H:E Ambassador Okada the Japanese ambassador to my country South Sudan.


My Country South Sudan and Japan have a good Diplomatic Relationship we both need to keep for our benefit of two sisterly countries.

Our government of SPLM uses soft Diplomatic and peaceful Coexistence for our Neighbors and other countries at large like Japan.


I remember one word in the speech of Ambassador Okada during Cultural day in my university, upper Nile, Amb. Okada said in my Japan we don't have Oil, Gold, copper and many other Resources you have here in South Sudan but we have human Resource only, we educated them to know the value of life and many other things that will help the progress, prosperity of Japan to the next level.


My country South Sudan is Rich but unfortunately we are fighting only for Oil and power while we forget to consider other resources which are more expensive than Oil like Gum Arab and sesame .


Amb. Okada I appreciate your tireless work towards the progress of my country especially in the Education sector and infrastructure sector too.


Japan is our good partner to my country and other African countries, may God bless Okada with his family and her Country Japan.


Farewell To You Amb. Okada to Rome and you're free to come back anytime as you wish, South Sudan is your second hometown.


In conclusion, we all need each other as human beings and children of God, South Sudan and Japan are brothers and sisters forever more?.


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The SPLM Senior Political Activist, Juba.

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