By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The Judge Extended my Case with South Sudan National Youth Union today up-to-date 23/07/2020, due to what he knows as a professional Lawyer.

Gola Boyoi Gola came with all his Executive, 5  Defense Lawyers, some sandwich, soup supporters today but the extension of Case to date 23 Next month was very sad news to Gola Boyoi Gola and his greedy executive plus sandwich, Soup supporters.

Gola Boyoi gola was almost collapsed today due to the extension, he thinks that South Sudan supreme court is like a traditional court that does everything within one day and one of his Executive counsels Dr Benjamin Baak Baak.

Dear, compatriots Citizens my case with SSNYU will collapse in the advance like a house built with Care due to the claims like I defamed institution, what a shame how come for me to defame my own institution?

I acknowledge, whoever is standing with me in the country and diaspora, so dear comrades, your support will not end in vain fellow citizens and I like that genuine humility, humanity, Generosity you show to me and blessing be with all of you🙏.

Information only to the supporters of Gola Boyoi Gola your equation isn't balance try your best only to argue with me using ideas then insulting me like Simon Yel Yel and Dr Benjamin Baak Baak attacked me against today in the court of law, threatening my life, like i will not survive from their bullet and I know even if majority of you are officer in Army doesn't qualify you to shot me and enjoy the breathing without question from those who love me and thank you so much my secretary of Social affairs for giving me cold water, blessing be with you🙏.

Am good to my supporters and even waste products are important to those who recycle them in Bilpam waste recycling station and they are used for agriculture purpose and other benefits toward the progress of our Nation.

In conclusion, Am a giant Buffalo in the desert of truth, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac only vs 29 Executive, 5 defense lawyers, little supporters.

Thank you my Executive of 40% of Silent Majority of our Youth both in the Country and diaspora for respecting yourself not even not even to insult anyone from Youth Union like the way his greedy executive insulting me against today in front of different lawyers in supreme court.


" walk and talk to break the Silent "


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The Chairperson of 40% Silent majority of our Youth both in the country and diaspora, Juba.

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