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By Brown Akoon Yel Dut, Rummarial

Garang Malong Awan who went to Nairobi two years ago and stayed there for his benefit had published a fake post on his Facebook wall status on date 31, May,2020 combating military professional Gen Akol Koor who is presently serving as Director of National Security and Internal Security Bureau in government of the Republic of South Sudan led by H.E president Salva Kiir Mayardit. Gen Akol Koor Kuc is definitely a professional militarist that we are all quite familiar with and a member of our national liberators during the SPLA/M liberation struggle from Khartoum regime. He has a peachy, jingoistic, ultranationalist and loyalist member in the government of South Sudan without doubts. However, I want to bring public attention that Garang Malong Awan's all writings against Gen Akol Koor Kuc are all mere propaganda that should not be considered by intellectuals like the youth of this nation and government officials.

Garang Malong Awan was already known for his being propagandist, hypocrite, and dissimulator. Not only these; but bogus, wangle and pretender. Remember he proclaimed himself that he is a rebel yet he has been studying in a certain college at university in Kenya pursuing a master degree. Shammer and malingerer falsifications can't be tolerated at this time. He has manipulated public opinion for his favor and this an instance of accomplishing and scheming property from his father in another way around. This way of attacking innocent national figures without conceivable matter won't make a sense from both youth and community and never boost him completely. I am repeating to the general public that don't consider those falsehoods circulating by him and I condemned him in the strongest term possible.

Gen Akol Koor Kuc detest for his being loyalist, generous and peace lover in our country. He never killed a single person in his obligatory duties. If Gen Akol Koor Kuc kills people based on their abusive writings against the government and rebelling, I personally would have been killed for my reckless dares against him and other government officials when I came back from the bush. If the matter of being rebel and coming from Aweil Community Brig. Gen Dut Yai Anyar and his stepmother Hon Ajok Wol Atak would have not survived in Juba without injuries. I swear that I met Gen Akol Koor in his administration office as a team for the SSUF/A Peace Wing, we held discussions and we were separated peacefully without challenges. Secondly, I have NS phone numbers for protections in case someone attacks me. I should call them instantly without hesitation. No matter my being in the village they're still secure me wherever I am. As I am speaking now, make sure that I am a free man in my country living in freedom and enjoying Justice, quality, liberty and prosperity.

Over and over, National security is the security of a nation state, including its citizens, economy, and institutions, which is regarded as a duty of government.

Originally conceived as protection against military attack, national security is now widely understood to include also non-military dimensions, including the security from terrorism, minimization of crime, economic security, energy security, environmental security, food security, cyber-security and so on. Similarly, national security risks include, in addition to the actions of other nation states, action by violent non-state actors, by narcotic cartels, and by multinational corporations, and also the effects of natural disasters. Governments rely on a range of measures, including political, economic, and military power, as well as diplomacy, to safeguard the security of a nation-state. They may also act to build the conditions of security regionally and internationally by reducing transnational causes of insecurity, such as climate change, economic inequality, political exclusion, and nuclear proliferation. In fore mentioned definition and function of National security doesn't reflect the killing of ordinary citizens nor government civil servants. While Gen Paul Malong' son tarnished the image of a groovy leader for nothing. His defamatory and libelous statement that he has been doing all these time against Gen Akol Koor's leadership must cease today. His father is in the peace process to come back peacefully yet the young man is still warmonger. He expected to create insurrection between two peaceful communities specially Aweil and Tonjdit and no one would comprehend such criminality.


Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from my sources. The views expressed herein are mine. They don't reflect the views of Kuel Yiath. "A tongue is a good weapon". The writer is Keda-Keda Ken Malek Yiäth Yenakan! Ken Kuel Ayii yenakan. C/o Brown Akoon Yel by Dut, living in Rummarial, South Sudan. He can be reached

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