By: Keluel Agook

Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac was grabbed away by the national security personnel who accompanied Gola Boyoi at Thongpiny using the union's office car to pick the accused. The accused should have been handled by the police but with high interference from the national security agents with authority of Boyoi they made their mission of kidnapping the young man in disguise of the police warrant of arrest. 

If the young man is not released then we shall render the Union illegitimate anytime from now.


Other narratives from different people, below.??


Dear all,

I think the Youth Union has overstepped its authority and assumed the role and responsibility of the police- the arresting authority. 

The Youth Union has no legal prerogative and authority to announce the arrest of Mr. Meen Gabriel Chol. Neither does the Youth Union has a power to inform The family of the accused and announce his whereabouts.

The announcement of arrest and a message to Mr. Meen Gabriel Chol’s family of whereabouts are solely the role and responsibility of the police- the arresting authority not the role and responsibility of the complainant - the Youth Union.

In this regard, the Youth Union is in contempt of the law and violated the privacy of Mr. Meen in every angle. 

Therefore, if what we have in this country is a credible legal system, the Youth Union would have been brought in for questioning or this case be thrown out, period. The law is not one-sided and no one is above it. The Youth Union needs to be held to account too.

Also, the Youth Union is incriminating itself by saying that it’s not acting in “behest” of someone. Legally, that statement alone is telling and suspicious.

Yes, it is true that the Youth Union would announce that it has opened a case against Mr. Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac but the arrest and message to his family of his whereabouts is for the police.

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