Hon. Paul Mayom Akech (File/YouTube)
Hon. Paul Mayom Akech (File/YouTube)

By Wani Gore Kosa

This statement serves as my official response to the baseless allegations created by uniformed crook called Mayom Paul Abol Lok against our national minister of interior Hon. Paul Mayom Akech. It has come to my attention that Mr. Mayom Paul Abol lok has been hired by the enemies of Paul Mayom Akech particularly the failed politicians of Rumbek inform of Gen. Matur Chut and gang Machar Matur Dhal and many others. 

Mr Mayom Paul Abol Lok accused Hon. Paul Mayom of betraying 32 politicians of Agar Community. He blamed the National Minister of interior for blocking the appointment of the said politicians into various positions at the national level. Ladies and gentlemen, Hon. Paul Mayom Akech is a politician like the rest of those 32 politicians. He has no powers to convince the appointing authority. The president of the Republic of South Sudan usually appoints the constitutional holders on the basis of competency and merits. The failure of those 32 Agar politicians to secure positions at the national level is associated with their incompetency and political failures. 

Dear public, I came across many derogatory posts written by the Rumbek's sons against our National Minister of interior. Many of these undisciplined boys from Agar Community do see Paul Mayom Akech as an ordinary citizen of Agar but not as a national minister. Those boys particularly Mayom paul Abol Lok should know that Hon. Paul Mayom Akech is a national minister of interior. They must.refrain from attacking him. Hon. Paul Mayom is a nationalist. I remembered he donated more than 100,000 SSP to our association known as Equatoria Student Association in Uganda in the year 2009. I feel annoyed to see thieves and cattle raiders attacking him in the media.

This crook called Mayom Paul Abol Lok is a notorious boy known for doing the malpractices. He is more notorious ten even Satan. He is a cattle thief. I remembered he stole 50 herds of cattle in Rumbek in 2012. He is a well-known thief known for stealing every valuable property ranging from cattle, goats, chickens, clothes, money etc. In 2015, he was caught while stealing goats and cows in Rumbek. The owners of those cows and goats took him to the court and he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. When Gen. Matur Chut heard that Friday Abol was jailed, he went to prison and was released. That is how he became friends with Mature Chut. That is why he always praises Matur in the media. 

Mr. Mayom Paul Abol Lok has committed a lot of crimes. He committed adultery with many women. One day, he was admitted at a certain clinic in Juba, he woke up at night and stole the clinic's  bedsheets and secretly escaped at night. 

Mr. Mayom Paul Abol went further to form his notorious and vulnerable group known as " team of no return" . This team consisted of hungry active criminals particularly the members of Toronto boys who used to snatch people's phones and money. The members of this team are vulnerable in the hands of chronic hunger. They have snatched thousands of smart phones from the hands of citizens in Konyo Konyo and Custom markets but still no freedom from hunger. Their sole role is to discuss the personalities of the respected figures in the media. 

The reason why Friday Abol names his team " Team of no return " is because whenever any member of his team stole or snatched a smart phone or money from a person, it is difficult for the owner of the property to recover or get back his/ her property.

In conclusion, I am advising Mr. Mayom Paul Abol and his gangs to refrain from attacking Hon. Paul Mayom Akech. There is a big difference between a national figure and criminals. Hon. Paul Mayom Akech is a national minister and a mere criminal shouldn't attempt to attack him. To attack a national minister means attacking the whole South Sudan. 

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