Gola Boyio Youth Union Elections 2019 flyer (Twitter)
Gola Boyoi Youth Union Elections 2019 flyer (Twitter)

By Ali Mohammed Chol


Number of activists have been criticising the controversial chairperson of South Sudan Youth Union for the disappearance of the union's funds in broad daylight. I never wrote any article regarding the SSNYU because I was collecting data on how Mr Gola Boyoi has emptied the treasury of the youth. I have acquired sufficient information about that and I find it necessary to condemn such corruption practices and also to condemn it in the strongest possible terms.


After his forceful installation into the chairmanship of SSNYU, Gola Boyoi secretly met with the managing director of NILEPET Com. Ltd Dr. Chol Deng and asked him to assist the union with rental fees and the operational costs. Dr. Chol Deng positively responded and told Gola to search for an office premise so that he may pay the rental fees. Gola Boyoi went and got the house in Thonpiny near Catholic University and agreed with the house owner that the monthly rental fees would be $ 10,000. Gola went back to Dr. Chol Deng and gave him the report.


Dr. Chol gave a rental fee of one year which was $ 100,000 to Gola Boyoi and he again agreed with Gola that he (Dr Chol) would be paying $20,000 monthly as an operational cost for the union. Gola took the one year rental fees ( $100,000) and $ 20,000 monthly operational cost . He went and paid the rental fees and ate the operational cost without briefing his executives and councilors about the agreement with Dr. Chol Deng.


Mr. Gola Boyoi Gola has been diverting the operational costs thus leaving the members of executive in a dire situation. One day, the Deputy Chairperson of SSNYU met with the minister in the office of President Mayiik Ayii in the presence of Dr. Chol Deng Thon at the World Focus Hotel. Mayiik Ayii asked the deputy Chairperson about the financial situation of the SSNYU. The deputy Chairperson started complaining to Mayiik Ayii that they were facing financial constraints ranging from lack of water in the office, lack of money for  transport to the office, lack of money for daily lunch and many others while Dr. Chol was listening.


Dr Chol Deng Thon interfered and told the deputy Chairperson that he has been paying 20,000 dollars monthly to Gola Boyoi as an operational fee. He also told the deputy Chairperson that he has paid 100,000 dollars as a yearly rental fee. The deputy chairperson was surprised to hear such information from Dr Chol Deng. Mayiik Ayii immediately phoned Gola Boyoi and asked him about the monthly operational costs. Gola eventually realised that his corruption practices were leaked out by his deputy. He started exploring a way to rebuild his friendship with her because she is a friend to Mayiik Ayii.


When some members of the executive heard that Gola had been receiving 20,000 dollars monthly from Dr. Chol Deng Thon. The fighting almost took place in the office the following day. Some greedy executives like Tarir Makoi almost slapped Gola Boyoi in the face because of $20,000.

Two days after this crisis, Gola Boyoi secretly met the security advisor Gen. Tut Gatluak. Gen. Tut Gatluak gave him 20,000 dollars and promised that he would pay a huge amount of dollars to the union in some days to come. Gola took the 20,000 dollars and diverted them to his account without briefing his executives. After some executive members discovered that he met Tut Gatluak and Tut gave him 20,000 dollars. The executives became annoyed and felt cheated by Gola. All the executives and councilors called Gola Boyoi in the office and questioned him about this malpractice. They threatened to impeach Gola because of corruption. So Mr Gola had no option but to confess to the executives and councilors. He told the executives and councilors to calm down and told them that more money is on the way coming from Gen. Tut Gatluak.

To continue in the second part...

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