Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak Makol (image provided by author)
Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak Makol (image provided by author)


By: Gen Brown Akoon Yel Dut, Rummarial.

Generally speaking and delightedly, South Sudan is a rich country in terms of population and it's made up of 64 tribes. In these tribes of our country among them are hatred themselves and that is the reason why our beloved President H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit is always busy working up and down base in peace building, reconciliation and roadmap in order to cease hostile aggressions in our nation (South Sudan).

I have ever recognised many people will blame me later why do I supporting a man from Upper Nile region and not for Bhar El Ghazal region. Despite the facts that South Sudan is united nation. Me personally, I am a sophisticated man unlike cattle keepers. I should have developed preaching for peace and this is what will bring unity in our nation instead turning the country into fizzle, bangup and division.

Coming to the focal point, a lot of the people have said that Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak Makol must be relieved from his duties in the National Army for protecting President Salva Kiir Mayardit's government in all time without failing regime for ousting. They create allegations upon him that he has a bad manager in front of the National Army by turning the national office into a tribal office, corruption, and mismanagement of the National Army budget in South Sudan. Those allegations are all falsehoods (falsifications). 

They were created by falsifiers specially the enemies of the South Sudan government, because they have no chances to overthrow the current regime completely. They only hope that if President Salva Kiir Mayardit confuse to relieve him of power they will get a chance to dominate the government in territory. Therefore, I congratulated H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit for putting trust upon him. He implements the obligations duties of Chief of the General Staff and veteran affairs without failures no need for relieving incorruptible and militarization General from the National Army duties. 

Holding position of General Staff on the front of the National Army is more dutiful and requires hard work, skills and commitments like what above said General has been doing in all these times. Other comrades may not know what does Chief of the General Staff mean and its aims on the National Army.

Simply Chief of the General Staff is a higher commander in front of the National army and appointed by the president of the country not anybody else. Chief of the General Staff reports directly to the minister of defense of the National Army for army matters and assists in the minister of defense's external affairs functions, including presenting and enforcing army policies, plans, and projections.

Others fundamental objectives of Chief is to Protect the interests of the president; Negotiate with neighboring countries for military purposes, other members of the executive branch, and extra-governmental political groups to implement the president's national agenda. Advise the president on various issues, including telling the president what they do not want to hear from rebels' side or terrorist groups like NAS. That is all about the obligations of Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak Makol currently in the government of the Republic of South. "All of us can make the betterment of our country". Peace be with you all! 

"A tongue is a good weapon". The writer is Keda-Keda Ken Malek Yiäth Yenakan! Ken Kuel Ayii yenakan. Brig. Gen Brown Akoon Yel Dut, living in Rummarial South Sudan. He can be reached This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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