Lakes State
Lakes State

By: John Jur Chol

In the first place I would like to take this rare opportunity to comment on the president of the Republic for compromising over the number of states and reverting the country into ten States and for timely formation of the Revitalized transitional government of national unity.

Over the last few days, a lot of opinion writers emerged over the issue of whom they think would be fit enough to be the governor of lakes state. The first debate was the case of who should take lakes between SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO and the second debate was who should be appointed as the governor of lakes state. 

In my own thinking, I go with any of the two, whether SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO, because the governor of the state will not be imported from somewhere but will still come as our son or daughter in any of the two camps or parties. But in spite of the fact that the governor will be our son, the governor should be appointed based on merits but not diversity.

I know a lot may rush into argument about the issue of diversity but from the experience and how we have witnessed the way we were ruled by the previous governors of the defunct three States of lakes, we in one way or the other came to believed that none of the three previous governors who were recently can be capable enough to be a governor of lakes state now. But in my own thinking, who should be a governor at this critical time?

The governor should be a person that's capable of doing the following:-

1. Comprehensive disarmament within lakes state. We need a leader that will advocate for massive disarmament of civilian populace.

2. Implementation of justice:

In order to ensure the return of peace, reconciliation and unity, justice has to prevail so that all the perpetrators are brought to book and  tried before the competent court of law.

3. Prioritization of Education:

We have so far seen how our pupils have been performing over the last three years in both secondary and primary examination. Their performance has been so bad because of a lack of qualified teachers which resulted due to appointment of uneducated ministers.

4. Reduction of bride price by implementing customary law this may reduce cattle raiding.

5. Promotion of agriculture:

Over the last few years, lakes state has been known as the food producing state in the then ten States but now is the opposite because our people have prioritized decent living and not embarking on agricultural production. 

6. Infrastructure development:

Improving road renovation can reduce the looming insecurity and prices of goods and services from the state capital to counties.

7. Sports promotion.

8. Passing of laws against the use of illegal drugs like alcohol

9. Implementation of laws against the illegal selling of guns by the organized forces to the civilians.

10. Training and deployment of community police to help combat the little crimes in the community.


In conclusion, I urge the president of the Republic to quickly appoint a state governor because our civilians are finishing themselves in this Time of powers vacuum.

And thanks.


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