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Contact: Gabriel Garang Mapior, President

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Malual Manyok Deng, Vice President 

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For Immediate release

Nyuak Community Interim Team set second reunion for April 25-26, 2020

We, the Interim teams of Nyuak Community Development in the United States are calling for all sons and daughters of this community to participate in our second reunion which is upcoming in late April 2020. The reunion will be held in Des Moines and Nyuak residents who live in the state of Iowa accepted the responsibility to host the event. In regards to event activities, we listed the address and venue for you to find it convenient as well as making it easier for hotel reservations. The address is as follow:

Horizon Events Center

2100 NW 100 Street 

Clive, IA50325

On this important occasion, the people of Nyuak community in states will gather in Iowa with the aim of choosing their own destiny and put together this great community in which we feel the sense of pride, ownership, success, and dignity as the merely path to development. A path which may provide a conducive environment for our coexistence and unity in strength. As one people who coexist in the same vicinity for several decades, it is imperative that our dark past must be left behind us, and the best choice is to choose a brighter future. The future of Nyuak Community can include leadership and governance structure on the agenda. 

With that impression on our mind, we are profoundly thrilled and honored to all invite friends and neighbors of Nyuak community to join us on that important day. To begin with, we would like to extend our invitation to the larger Twic East, Duk, and Bor communities in states to join us on this important occasion. Moreover, we wanted to let our invited guests and communities know in advance that fundraising activities and cultural dances will be in our program brochures.

For more information about the second reunion, direction to the venue, and additional comments; please contact these individuals:

  1. Maketh Kuir Gak: (605)214-1604
  2. Jacob Deng Aleer: (515)554-8312

Signed by:

Nyuak Community Development Interim Executive Board,

Gabriel Garang Mapior, President

Malual Manyok Deng, Vice president


Ajaang Ajack Deng

Daniel Deng Akur

Moses Chol Deng


Abraham Deng Chol

Samuel Nuul Dau

John Garang Dau

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