Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

By Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac 

First and foremost,  I would like to seize this genuine opportunity to express my opinion regarding the ongoing clan conflicts in Western Lakes State and the panacea to this senseless fighting among our Gelweng youth or amongst the armed civilians. Before I elaborate on the solutions to the ongoing communal conflicts in Western Lakes State,  I find it necessary to highlight the genesis of those conflicts because a medical doctor must have a correct diagnosis before attempting the treatment. 

My fellow community members both in country and diaspora,  the communal and subclan conflicts didn't start recently during the leadership of Gen. Mahmoud Solomon but its history can be traced back to the pre-independent period especially in 2002. Agar Community is the second largest community after Malual Giernyang in the whole Dinka tribe. It consists of many sections and clans and these clans have been in conflicts among themselves since 2002 up-to date.  

Several governors have led Greater Lakes State and Western Lake State in particular and they were dismissed because of the clan conflicts.  But their dismissal didn't put to an end those conflicts. Let me first start with the first SPLM governor of Greater Lakes State Maj. Gen.John Laat Zechariah who was appointed on Date 22nd September 2005 and was relieved on 27th September 2005 because of the same problem. Same communal conflicts led to the dismissal of Gen.Awet Akot,  Eng. Chol Tong ( civilian ), Gen. Matur Chut, Gen. Makoi Bol, Gen. Matur Chut ( second chance) and Gen. John Deng Mamer. It can be noticed that most of the previous governors are experienced military generals but they didn't manage to permanently end the clan conflicts in Greater Lakes State and Western Lakes in particular.

Many disarmament campaigns were carried out under the leadership of previous governors but they also failed to end the conflicts.  Several peace and reconciliation conferences were held but also ended in vain. We should take into consideration that the permanent solution to the communal conflicts is not the random relief of governors but our unity as Agar Community. 

It is unfortunate to see some self proclaimed activists blaming our abled governor Gen. Mahmoud Solomon for failing to combat the conflicts in Western Lakes State.  Those uninformed activists should know that the current clan conflicts started a long time ago before the independence of South Sudan. I see no reason for blaming our powerful governor because the conflicts started before him or before the SPLM led government. In addition,  the communal conflicts aren't only happening in Western Lakes State but in most of the states across South Sudan. So we shouldn't blame our innocent governor Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Solomon for something which didn't start in his presence. Instead we should come up with a concrete solution to permanently end the conflicts.  

It has come to my attention that there are some selfish politicians within the Agar Community who are mobilizing the Gelweng youth to fight amongst themselves and later use that conflicts as an excuse for removing the powerful governor.  Most of these politicians are former cattle raiders and they are not happy with Mahmoud's attempt to restore permanent peace and stability in Western Lakes State. So Agar Community should hold those politicians accountable for the current ongoing conflicts because they are the one fueling it.  Therefore, these conflicts have nothing to do with Gen. Mahmoud Solomon. 

Gen. Mahmoud Solomon is the first governor to be appointed from Belle Community.  He is neutral in the ongoing conflicts because he is not from the Agar Community. He has tried his best to restore and maintain peace and stability through various peace and reconciliation conferences. Our image as Agar Community improved in the world wide after his appointment into the governorship because he has 90% reduced the insecurity and conflicts in Western Lakes State. Gen. Mahmoud Solomon is a humble and an educated leader who always listens to every person.  He has established the first technocratic government in Western Lakes State in which the appointment of constitutional holders is based on capability, qualifications, loyalty to the ruling party and the request from constituencies. 

Before his appointment into the governorship,  our state was at the verge of lawlessness. But his appointment has rescued our state from collapsing.  As Jesus said " give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God". We the members of Agar Community should thank Gen. Mahmoud Solomon for rescuing our beloved state from collapsing. In addition,  the security advisor of Western Lakes State Hon. Benjamin Makuer Mabor is one of the senior government officials who is always busy with government affairs in Rumbek. He is a peacemaker who is working hard to achieve peaceful coexistence and stability among the youth of Western Lakes State and the neighbouring states. In Mahmoud's government,  there is no doubt because all his cabinets and constitutional holders are capable and qualified to implement the vision and mission of the ruling party. 

In conclusion,  I am appealing to all the concerned youth, politicians,  elders and women to support Gen. Mahmoud Solomon in his quest for stability in Western Lakes State.  The members of Agar Community should acknowledge that the current governor Gen. Mahmoud Solomon is progressing well in his assignment. Let us stop pointing hands on him because the stability of Western Lakes is our collective responsibility. 

The author is an SPLM diehard political activist. He can be reached via Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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