Wronglyspreading  of the SPLA soldiers in the collos land was created by collo politicians in  SPLM to pressure the collo people to join SPLM party because they laking pouplarity in collo kingdom, now they are killing innocence people without differentiated,who are the enamies of the SPLM in the villages.giving the authorities to killed and tortured any suspicious persons in the land.

Recent months fighting claching happened between SPLA soldiers and Olony force in the Dur area leaving thousands of innocence people dead ,such action wiill not get sustainable peace and prosperity if SPLA still in the collos land,this wave of instability,let massive displacement of the citezens to move to Makalal town.now the rain season is approaching, without any shelters for them,collo politicians must stop and give up disputes among themselves,to ensure full security in the collos land,and let  us stop false allegations against any party.