In his part(3) Eng. Valentino is urging people to be sincere when he himself is the least so. Even children in the south know that the April's elections were not fair and transparent as people were made to tick the symbols of star(SPLM) under gun point in some places...

or the boxes taken by SPLA officers and staff them full with SPLM symbols this is evident by more counted votes, than the names in the register. This practice was done in the constituencies of other parties\' candidates or where independent SPLM candidates were contesting. So their golden chances were spoiled by SPLA in favor of the SPLM. Thus rigging by SPLM was the order of the day than being the exception.

The other southern parties are appreciative to the provisions of the CPA and not the SPLM for participation in the government either in the south or north. Same CPA provisions allocated percentages to SPLM, or is Valentino gesturing that the SPLM should be appreciative to the NCP? Why people were critical of the SPLM, was because of the bad policies or rather the lack of policies in the south that let to the waste of so much money as much as 10 billion Dollars that found their way into pockets, wrong contracts, or fat foreign bank accounts of the big shots of SPLM. This is a fact known by many in the US,UK Canada, Australia etc. Yes thanks to those who were bitter against their government, because if you don’t criticize yourself, is like someone going out of the house who had not comb his hair and never looked into his wall mirror before going out.

People were working tirelessly to shape and improve the performance of GOSS including the KANANA group of elders whose resolutions were not looked into by the president of GOSS. Rather it was SPLM/and GOSS that were working tirelessly to defame themselves by putting corruption, tribalism, nepotism, land grabbing and inter or intra-tribal fighting as their priorities at the expenses of education, health, food security. Eng. Valentino, did you read the Kanana document? If not then passion you people have against it is motivated by fear of knowing the truth and selfish megalomania. Kanana meeting was about indictment of Omar Al Bashir to ICC which would have negative impact on self-determination and referendum.

If the referendum was conducted like the April\'s elections, the result could have been disastrous. However, all the people of the south took upon themselves the need of how fair, free and transparent the referendum should be. In the States where SPLM-DC made big rallies in Malakal, Renk,and Khartoum and Equatoria convincing the southern people to turn-up in large numbers for registrations and voting assuring the people that referendum is not like the stolen April\'s elections, that’s why the people turn-up, because they thought it was something under the mercy of SPLM in which they resented participating. SPLM-DC sent campaign committees to Dafur, Gadaref, White Nile, and where ever southern population was high telling them it was time to exercise their rights for either choice in a free fair and transparent manner unlike in April\' stolen elections. No parties ever campaigned against the separation of the south as explained by the very overwhelming results of 98.8%.

Eng. Valentino making a lot of noise, if Omar El Bashir was supporting the fair referendum and actually accepted the results before the announcement, how can he not be praised. What is the biggest interest of southerners apart from self-determination, referendum that led to independence? Withdrawing from talks is a part of a democratic practice and why the Eng. is attaching lots of importance indicates that no one should dis agree with the SPLM.

Valentino has no right to fix the numbers of the parties in a democratic system of rule. Whether all these parties will be viable should be left to the test of time including SPLM. If the heads of these parties were to be big fish in their ponds should not disturb Valentino, unless he is worried about these big fishes eating up SPLM big fishes in their ponds. How else can this unprecedented move of initiating dictatorial system by establishing totalitarian president who can dismiss elected governors or dissolve an elected parliaments or wants to have a say in appointment of states ministers be regarded.

The parties are not kept integral by money alone, but by principals. The SPLM that loss the vision, is still in power because it squanders the public funds. But it is earmarked for demise. Because a party that encourages theft, fighting among its citizens and practices exclusiveness does not deserve respect. Formation of parties never are determined by plebiscites, but just make a good law for registration requiring members in states. This if done SPLM will be the first to loose supporters in the states as it becoming more and regionally based because of bad politics.

Now this is a take home message for Valentino and I beg him to stop being arrogant to think proper. What is SPLM/A, GOSS doing to curb the rebellion on many fronts today? Will announcement of the new state with status quo not be inaugurating a fail state?