Conflict often comes as result of two elements trying to occupy one space at the same time, or two opinions competing to take a position at the same time. Conflict is a normal thing in human existence for it indicated that...

we are different in our perceptions, understanding and feeling about certain matters in life, even within ourselves we have a conflict.

These are kinds of conflicts which have gross terrible implication on the lives of the people if they are not handled with wisdom: serious difference of opinions or wishes; conflict between one's duty and one's desire; the conflict of interests between the achievement of one aim and of another.

When we are in conflict with evidences/ interests/views/ ideas that does not means enmity, but it means that each individual has point to make, but usually we misunderstood that person. Therefore, it is necessary for rivalry to claim their opinions in positive manner, by selling their view point to the people, and let them digest it, so that they may have a clear picture of understanding your opinions. Indeed, we should avoid using force to win people to our opinion, for this may be jungle spirit.

Presumably in modern and civilize society, the owner of opinion tried to persuade and influence people to come into term with their opinions thoroughly.  In other words, the initiator of the opinion must let people own his opinion.
Again, when people rejected your opinions, it does not necessarily means that they are against you, but this might imply that your ideas are not realistic or unattainable. Therefore, the owner of vision need to learn from others, this may give him chance for second look to his opinion and try to modified it for the benefit of all, rather than thinking that what he  has  is the best.
In conflicting of the opinions we could learn many things, which could enable us to achieve goals but most people failed to grasp that reality. Moreover, the conflicting of opinions implies that we are not photocopies but original people and every individual has something to contribute. Therefore, it is necessary to respect every individual opinion whether you agree with it or not. If we look at the conflict positively we could be progressive in every duty.

The bad conflict is the one that lead people to fight among themselves for one goal with different motives and interpretation, I think our selfishness interest which has many forms such as self-well, self-indulgence, self-pity, self-complacency, and self-righteousness is great enemy in our nation. All of these attitudes are centered in the love of self which is enemy of society. This is the kind of conflict taking place in our new nation to be born and at level of communities in this moment resulting from self interest and not the nation or communities welfare.

I thought all southerner's elites or intellectuals have learned from the past that backward conflict had destroyed us, but we seem still repeating the same mistake which was practice in old Sudan. How could we just simple put off the outcome of South- south dialogue forum that restored peace among political parties that were in conflict for so long? Indeed, if the Constitution conflict which is surfacing by now is not going to be address with care, immediately it will take Southerners to square one and that will affect the whole South nation. As new nation, we must accept full participation of all political parties, in order to avoid enemy of peace to drag us into unnecessary conflict. Personally I appealed to all political parties that they must maintain peace brought in by south- south dialogue forum last year, and let be sensitive and alert to challenge the ideology of killing your opponents, which are in conflict with your ideas. Psychology term such leader who tried to eliminate his opponents as low esteem person, for it is healthy to have outstanding opponent whom you can benefit from his ideas rather than having multitude unproductive supporters, who are not critical in their thinking.

In democratic Western World the critic opponent is much appreciated for it keep the government alert and to think deeply for doing the right thing for it subjects. Unfortunately in undemocratic environment in Third World nations, all contrary opinions must be dealt harshly, for they are not ready to have oppositions to counter their opinions on affairs of the nation. Therefore, political phobia forced people on chair to eliminate their opponents, knowing that they are not doing upright duties and not ready to face the challenges posted by oppositions. Any person who do right thing will not bother himself to defend his work for he knows and fully aware that the action speaks louder than a word.

Indeed, let our political leaders be assure that they  cannot convince public opinions by eliminating their  opponents, but the only exception tool they could explored to win the public opinions  is by doing tangible and transference service far from envy criticism that wider gap between people. The whole south people supported SPLM during the liberation war because they were convinced by the spirit of the Movement, but today the same southerners are skeptical about the SPLM leadership because they turned again their wishes. I think it is high time for leadership to investigate, to rethink what have gone wrong that cause people to loss hope in the SPLM.

Are southerner's political parties including governing party (SPLM) ready to retain their differences for the sake of subjects, by avoiding uttering bitter words against each other?   Are they aware about the implication of their political war? Who will be the winner and beneficial of the Constitution conflict they are engaging in by now? Are all those political parties happy with innocent blood being shed in the south after peace Agreement? Are they aware that people they kill in south are more than people, who were killed by Arabs? Let be challenge that anyone who digs a pit for his brother will fall into that pit also, whether ruling party or opposition parties, let put interest of the people first and we should not be blinded by party principles to ignore public issues. Jesus sacrifice his own life for the sake of the world, is it hard for our political parties in the south to do that for the sake of peace and brotherhood in the south, could we learn to accept the challenges from others and tried to modify what people are not happy with, rather than manipulating people by destructive hidden agenda of party.

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