Zechariah Makuach Maror

By Zechariah Makuach Maror

Ignorance of fact is the dangerous disease that incriminates South Sudanese in their daily vitalities, existing poverty and automatically self-drawn classy society has duplicated our culture to sycophantic believe of generating wealth through puffing up of politicians, wealthiest and influential personalities, which inculcated excessive clandestine patriotism that swap nationalism and self-worth. To say truth in this land mean assassinating one's life or risking your political fortune. The nausea of village cultural heritage of honoring blood relationship is assumed to be the motivating factor behind the prejudice of our people attitudes of labeling truth-tellers as agitators and finally view them as food seekers that are hit by poverty which compelled them to assassinate celebrity character.

Despite the gap between the ruling nobility and ordinary that  to be appropriately expressed, the architects of these scenarios tricked our people to understand that slamming each other on tribal lines is the only way the country resources will satisfy the remainder privileged few. They are made to know that sacrificing your dignity to defend political figure on media platforms or conflagration frontlines is the only way you will reap employment; they are made to understand that undue blind support is the only way you will be lending a daily bun. We are prepared to know that if you want government accommodation you first crave to fights incredibly, kill people or even mobilized your clan fellows to support in securing good position in return and be respected in the society.

Facts are isolated and thrown to the dishwater blonde giving misconception that the cost of truths are over after we gain our independent and this time is the period by which the son of soil should enjoy whether in dark or light, should you attempt to portray what is supposed to be, you will be viewed as disgrace and curse, the burden goes back to the community that brought you into existence.

 We are ignorant to the fact that the majority of youths who are supposed to be an instrument for development and changes occurred to be the victim of outrageous conflict that none of us know it route. Several died as a result of our poor utilization of our resources, especially poor exploitation of oil in upper Nile Region is likely causing hardship to innocent civilians who don't know where this oil goes. Poor infrastructure, Bahr el Ghazal road and luri bridge dominate fiscal financial budget every year with no tangible materialization and whoever tries to bring obverse is termed as an agitator, that is the prejudgment in our people's mind.

Our people in the IDPs and refugee camps, especially displaced women without economic resources often resort to prostitution - trading sex for money. It is visibly shown many women who were widowed during the senseless six years’ conflict are/were particularly vulnerable to prostitution, which became one of their means of survival. Sexual abuse at the hands of humanitarian agencies' staff is common among the women in IDPs or refugee camps. 

Women and girls are/were also subject to sexual assault when they left camps to fetch for ration, they were abducted and disappeared in conflict affect areas, Abduction of women and children is said to be a common tactic in inter-tribal conflicts in some states. UN peace keepers and militia members were encouraged to commit offences like rape given the culture of government silence and lack of mechanisms for dealing with rape allegations. 

Rape has brought with it a high risk of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS infection among the women. In South Sudan, HIV/AIDS infection rates are reported to have likely outperforming epidemic levels. Women in IDPs and refugee camp are bearing foreigners' outlandish offspring and yet we have leaders who are capable of adapting power sharing pact and model of how to form the unity government which favor their dividends. We have some rebel organizations that flew to the bush if their head lost the stance, we have plenty of youth who are constantly used as rubber stamp by politicians, we have the impostors who claims to be public servants that misled our President, we have politicians who don't recognize the trend, we have millionaires who doesn't possess enterprise or corporate. and yet should one confess all those the weight will fall upon your neck. 

I am quite a bit optimistic the legacy of the historic struggle is likely vanishing in the gazes of history makers and no one seems to be reimbursing scrutiny for it since the focus is on resources and how one should own wealth without labor. Rural communities are neglected and watch towered on their hurricane poverty without saying thank you for giving rise to South Sudan's Independence. 2010's Promises are thrown to dustbin while rural people are dying of conflict related factors, could one calls this a curse or conjurer of the history itself?.

The myth of South Sudanese is that any person expressing his/her political view on political unraveling situation in this country is virtually glimpsed as sustenance seeker due to the widespread misconception of the most  that social media and other filthy media outlets are being used as a platform for briefcase purpose by some people who are living in real economic crisis of South Sudan; But they do not know that some political sentiments who writes on media outlets are living in their political sensibility and they want to have at least situational modification, I'm not ruling out the plate columnists, so none progressive thought of our people will bury us alive in the near future if we don't change our doubtful attitude

"The prejudice of corrupts society is that, truth tellers are viewed as troublemakers.''

The writer is a political activist who is living his reality and he could be reached via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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