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Accusing southern politicians of being elements of destruction, sabotage and of treason is dangerous and baseless and the Eng. Valentino Will one day be asked to substantiate his ugly words against honest statesmen of the south.

If there is any party that had collaborated with the NCP in Sudan, it is the SPLM by virtue of partnership in CPA and government. To call the NCP a common enemy is simply a political naivety generated by passion of careless empty minded politicians from the SPLM who had wished to topple the government of Khartoum and substitute it with communist elements to establish the fictitious New Sudan. What the Eng. Valentino seems not to have seriously considered is that the SPLM culture of belittling and underrating others is not enough to have derailed the NCP who battered their culture project(Islamic based) with the New Sudan(Communist based) at Neivasha. How can you get back your money when you have purchased some items?

Why the SPLM is so bitter against the NCP in spite of having similar plans and tactics of trying to topple each other, is because the NCP could not yield. However, having said that, President Omar El Bashir deserves special thanks for keeping his word about the would be smooth referendum and even accepting the results as separation before announcement. Things would have gone more complicated if he negated. This fact is not obvious to many simpletons in the SPLM who belief that the self-determination and its result in favor of separation could have been imposed by the Americans whose plate is already full with its own programs. No one in the south wants to topple the GOSS, but the disgruntle armed groups have their grievances which if properly addressed would easily end the conflict. What the Eng. is forgetting is that the CPA was concluded through perseverant long negotiation between the SPLM and GOS. What is difficult in negotiating with SSPP or break away armed groups? If you are prevented by your pride or arrogance, please revise your selves. It is only the SPLM/A who belief in blood shading not the other southerners. Torturing or raping civilians cannot make the ruling party stronger, but rather makes it vulnerable to mass justice. All dictators will disappear one after another. Where are Mobuto Sesseko, Bukasa, Charles Tailor, Gbagbo, Bin Ali, Hosni Mubarak and many more? What happens within the SPLM is strictly their concern, however, it is reflected to the on lookers that SPLM is a party that lacks internal democracy and kicking out of 437 cadres who went for April elections as independents is a strong proof. This is not a small discomfort Mr. Eng. Valentino. What you call undemocratic about the southern parties will not be taken seriously from you, because, how can you lecture people about a subject you did not master? In other words you should be the last to tell people about democracy because you never practice it.

You are right that SPLM/A had fought for 22yrs. Not for salaries, most of the people in the SSPP and break-away armed groups were there in SPLM/A and fought for no salaries too. It is also true that southern Sudanese rebelled against central government in Khartoum to fight against the policies of oppression and marginalization. Unfortunately, the GOSS/SPLM had got into the shoes of Khartoum, thus it is not sacred to be spared. Dr. John Garang himself said that colonialism has no color. Thus if the SPLM/A had decided to replace Khartoum and denying the common southerner his right in power sharing and resources by making a constitution worse than that of Khartoum, it faces the same fate.

But what have you done for the widows and children of martyrs in the last six years? Even the still living poor soldier who spent his live in the bush is languishing at the corners of southern society with his salary being feasted over by powerful looters, building houses in foreign lands and riding in expensive cars as hummer. All of us appeal to our brothers who rebelled, but practical steps must be taken as sitting down and resolving the reasons for which they took up arms as we approach the announcement of the new state. Also I agree that power should be claimed through ballot box not through the barrel of the gun. The perquisite for democratic transformation is the intent to include all the people of the south in decision making in issues pertaining to the sovereign state.

We have once and again urged the SPLM to rectify the viability of their party organs through democratization to command respect from other parties. To admit the short comings in the SPLM is the first step in the right direction. You cannot give what you don't have.

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