KMThe so call Eng. Valentino Malueth Akec in his article on page 5 of KM of Wednesday May 4th 2011 titled "Southern Parties and the Democratic transition in Southern Sudan Part(1)", lacks the art of fabrication or cute dis information techniques and are as blunt as the SPLM ways of doing things for the last six years of hell in the south.

Every single point in his article is disputable with evidence. It is rather shocking and disheartening that the so call Eng. Valentino entertains the idea that saying a contrary opinion to the ruling party is a non-democratic practice. The president of GOSS was the one who encouraged the south-south dialogue in October 2010. No one person or party would have imposed on Salva any idea he had not wanted.

There is no imposition or arrogance in discussion of issues pertaining to the nation's interest, especially when the state is new. If the constitution developed by SPLM should be endorsed as it is, through mechanical majority of SPLM MPs, as desired by Eng. Valentino, the people of the south will become slaves. People like Eng. Valentino Will be the house slaves who when the master is sick, they will say "we are sick" the other southern Sudanese are going to be like field slaves who do not love the master, because they are working very hard all the times on the fields and flogged when necessary. We envy the house slaves for they are being well fed.

The so call Eng. Valentino is not justified to call political leaders as coming out from the blues and calling them wicked. The real reason why people are dying without real reasons during peace time in the south is because GOSS and its leaders are wicked as documented by many international bodies that the GOSS was corrupt, tribal, brutal, mischievous. How can the Eng. Close his eyes on these big vivid failures. It was the SPLM/GOSS who are in the wrong place in the wrong time not southern people. The rigged April elections certificated by many world witnesses, was only part of the CPA, and never mandates the SPLM for any Four years. How can you have Ten years transition period? The wasted six years since 2005 and another four from 9/7/2011. At the end of the Ten years of SPLM leadership so many people will perish either of disease, hunger or shot dead. No one would mind this if SPLM did an excellent job during the previous period. But with the mess witnessed by all southern people no one will chose if they were given a choice. The argument that the other parties to be opposition is true, and when it comes to big decisions like constitution drafting, all must be involved, because this not one party concern.

With regards to the referendum, SPLM were the least active, because they were relying on the people in the south, and instructed southerner in the north and Diaspora not to registered, falsely believing that other southerners will not vote for separation. But how can they not, some were responsible bringing about the self-determination, when the first SPLA bullet was shot against the separatists. The SPLM was for unity as part of New Sudan. Till to day some SPLM members in the north and in Diaspora have not participated in the big event of voting for independence. 99% land slide victory in the referendum can not be attributed to SPLM what so ever.

Eng. Valentino is a big liar and the motive could be different as he could be from where he thinks being inclusive can rob them from power. Now Mr. Eng. With multiplying military rebellion, and exclusiveness you strongly support don’t you think your worthless decoy constitution will lead to birth of a fail state?

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