It is true that all citizens must be loyalty to their governments, but before they paid their support they must understand that kind of government, which they want to be loyalty to, in order to avoid unresolved regret.

When Hitler became German Chancellor, the German Christians wanted to harmonize the church in Germany with Hitler's political movement, which was to them more than politics; it was the revival of hope and force of destiny for their nation. Many of them believed that the Germans were God's chosen people and Hitler the new messiah. The national revival was more vital than anything they had ever found in their faith.

As result of blind support given by the church leaders to the system, the government of Hitler had outlawed all significant opposition parties and imprisoned many of their leaders, in that connection Hitler took over all labour unions by force and removed all Jews from the civil service and finally he massacred them. Autocratic and dictatorship aspiration of Hitler never allow any independent source of authority in his resurrected Germany. Everyone must answer to a single leader, and every institution must serve the aims of the fatherland, including the church.

For Hitler to implement his ‘' Fuhrer principle'', he decided to push an obscure, obsequious naval chaplain, Ludwig Muller, into leadership of the newly united Protestant church when Muller failed the election. Hitler refused to meet the elected bishop. Later on the Nazi government official's invaded the church offices, forcibly taking over administrative positions, Muller proclaimed himself national bishop-elect. Therefore, the new imposed officials ordered services of praise and thanksgiving for this taking over. Every church in Germany was to be decorated with Nazi flags and a proclamation read from the pulpit of the church. Appointed bishop Muller outlawed all Jews or persons married to Jews from the church office. He also passed a ruling that all pastors take a loyalty oath to Hitler and his government.

What befallen the Germany church had ruined Sudanese church during National Congress party rule in which some of bishops with big cross on their necks uttered mix slogans of Christians and Muslims. Outwardly they were Christians but inwardly they were Muslims. For Islamic fanatic architects argued that it is necessary for converted Christians into Islam, not to change their names into Islamic names as before, to avoid physical conforntation between Christians and Muslims.

The same mistake occurred after signing CPA, whereby people perceived the SPLM like God who liberated them from the oppressors and regard their leaders like Moses and Joshua; in that atmosphere it was too hard to differentiate the church from political party, so some political leaders find the church as good political forum to pass their agenda to audiences. Today few clergymen who opposed the bad mismanagement and corruption that taking place within our government is being accused as against the government because that government is not ready to challenge it own failures.

Today what was executed by Ludwig Muller in German century ago is being executed by Religious Advisor in the GOSS, for he uttered publicly that churches should not be involved in politics. In other words they must be dormant and passive even if they see things go  wrong in their eyes, why? In first place they had given blind support without knowing the color of such government. When the state tried to marginalize God entity which is the church, for sure there will be resistance and strong opposition. In this juncture I advice all dissenting pastors who joined the government to resign from the church. Instead, protest formed under a new organization.

As result of the government pressure on appointed bishop Muller to silence the church, he published the ‘'Muzzling Decrees'' which forbade the discussion of all church issues by pastors or else face dismissal. If you look criticaly at what the Religious Advisor in GOSS is trying to disseminate by now, it has no difference with what bishop Muller did.

When Hitler failed to control the entire church in Germany, he brought church leaders into the meeting to challenge them and made them feel like criminals, Hitler uttered these words'' do you think you can pull such outrageous, backstairs politics with me? You underestimate me if you do. I'm sick of being treated this way, by the church leader of all people. What have I done to you? Only tried to make peace between all your warring factions, peace in the church and peace with the state! And this is my reward! You obstruct me at every point and sabotage every move!'' What made Hitler to cry with this frustrated statement, in first place was his failure to discover that the church is a powerful entity that cannot be marginalized easy.

Hitler went on to shout that he will protect the German people and pastors should take care of the church. According to him, pastors should worry about getting people to heaven and leave this world to him. It was real sad that some timid clergymen tried to soothe Hitler's temper by giving compromising expressions of the possibility of mixing false doctrines of state with true gospel. The brave pastor Niemoller looked into Hitler's faced and spoke directly and carefully: ‘'A moment ago, you told us that you would take care of the German people. But as Christians and men of the church we too have a responsibility for Germany laid upon us by God. Neither you nor anyone else can take that away from us''. For a moment Hitler stared at Niemoller and he was speechless because Niemoller challenge was strong and carried heavy value.

Ridiculously the timid clergymen accosted Niemoller, how he could speak that way to Hitler? Don't you see that you have ruined it all? Because of being shocked and frightened by Niemollar's behavior, the Protestant bishops of Germany gathered for a meeting with appointed National Bishop Muller, in which they issued a statement of unconditional support for Hitler. Bishop Muller vowed to carry out any measures and directives he ordered. As result of fertile ground and encouraging support offered by the fearful church leaders, Bishop Muller becomes more aggressive and dictatorial. He published a series of disciplinary measures, suspensions, dismissals, and retirements. He declared that from then on the church would not be governed by useless synods but by a centralized bureaucracy. He appointed a Nazi lawyer with lapsed church ties to head this administration.

My fellow clergymen, please let us learn from this historical facts that God's church in Germany was ruined because of blind support they offered to Nazi government. Today in our nation many clergymen seem to give their blind support to government that terrorized its own subjects. When we speak for the voiceless, the government regards us not only as the most loyal opposition, but traitors to the people and enemies of the nation and destroyers of it institution. This proclamation is being done by Religious Advisor in GOSS.

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  • Guest - Dr. Daniel Thabo

    Rev.Daniel Amum Odwel,how do we judge that this or that is a blind support? your title "unthinkable to be loyal to the government is risky".I failed to grasp its meaning.But coming to the end of your conclusion I understood what you meant.I am not quite sure if many clergymen appear to that support the government blindly that frightened its citizens.Really some clergymen are bad who wish people to die by saying they deserve so.It is insane person who can say so.If he says so is a wrong person with definite side to support who pays homage to the leader of that group .A pastor like you should respect or adorn God but leader .you should always telling the truth that a philosophy expected from you priests who are still in the ministry.But those who have chosen politics have the right to do so

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  • Guest - Odhong Wanyinam

    Thank you Rev. Daniel Amum Odwel, your article has really shows good examples of Niemoller and Hitler of Germany when they were in power and now Hitler is in hell; it is good message to our deaf Blind and broken heart in the GoSS, who always put his own interest first and forget to service God. He doesn’t know that seeking leadership in God’s name is a crime and against the wills of God.
    It’s really hard to find the word to describe such a political motivation and the interest behind it when a religious Advisor in the GoSS have forgotten the God’s mission and his ministry lead him to makes a U turn to betrayed his own people and abandon them for the seek of prominent position in the government where he pretended to be the best Advisor of the corrupted Government that has failed to protect its own citizens by killing them and abducted the young Women and Girls and looted their properties.
    Some time I wiped tears out my face and bitterly pray for insane lives lost in Upper Nile when I recall an forgettable speeches which given by religious Advisor in the GoSS when the delegations led by him (Religious Advisor) visited Town Malakal, after criminal action or genocide that has been committed by the tribalism government against insane civilian in Upper Nile State, particular in Owac, Dur and Dhouthim which claim more than 75 lives of young Women and Children. And now being claim by the GoSS Religious Advisor as his victory. Shame on you those who put their stomach first and forget other. God will punish you soon; one by one but remember this proverb it said that every dog got its own day today is your time and tomorrow will be Ones time. Get the message

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  • Guest - odangi okal

    i think that southerner sudan shouldnot trusth elder for their education because right now,they do not realylearn change in the in our government. pastor like Amum will give to gotte his his job.

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