Deng Akok Muoradid

By Deng Akok Muoradid

Twic Bol Nyuol nicknamed Twic Mangardit is a peaceful Community known for its hospitality, peacefulness, togetherness, cooperation and hardwork. This community was part of Gogrial County in 1980S before it was given its own county called"Twic County" with its headquarters in Turalei Town. Following the creation of ten states, Twic County was administered under Warrap State. Twic county consisted of six payams namely Turalei, Wunrok, Paannyok, Akoc, Aweng and Ajak Kuac with headquarters in Turalei. The people of Twic Community were living in peace with strong cooperation and togetherness

 In 2015, president Kiir dissolved ten states and created 28 states. He upgraded Twic County to a state with its headquarters in Mayen Abun instead of Turalei Town. The creation of Twic State with headquarters in Mayen Abun was strongly opposed by majority of the community members. The controversial issue of state capital compelled the community members to divide themselves on the basis of clans thus resulting into total fragmentation of the community. Good enough, our peace loving president openly stated that he was misled by one of the politicians within Twic Community and he immediately directed the previous governors and the current governor to solve the issue of state capital. The previous governors failed in their capacities to do what is expected by the president.

Up to date, the issue of state capital is still a threat to the unity of Twic Mayardit. This controversial issue has resulted in the complete loss of unity, togetherness, cooperation, development and peace. The members of Twic Community are identifying themselves on the basis of their respective clans because of the continuous misunderstanding over the state capital.

In December 2019, the issue of the reduction of states vocal in the social media. The information that had reached the social media alleged that Twic State is one of the nine states to be cancelled and re annexed to their previous states. As a concerned and peace loving son of Twic Mayardit Community, I welcome the reduction of the states because it would be better to return back to Warrap or Gogrial State where we will be exercising unity, togetherness, peace and cooperation then living in fragmented Twic State.

The writer is a concerned son of Twic Mayardit Community. He can be reached via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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