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By Paulino Akoon Yel Dut, Wanyjok HQ, 

In evidence on my howling identification and observation to Ambassador Veronica Athian the daughter to late SPLA/M high commander Lawrence Lual Lual Akuei. Athian is currently working for managerial position as the third grade ambassador in office of the ministry of foreign affairs and international diplomatics. In reality she is die-hard member of the government of the Republic of South Sudan led by H. E President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the chairman and commander in chief for SSPDF.  Of course I learned that Ambassador Veronica Athian Lawrence is a genuine and more generous woman in her historical life. Another jollification thing to her is this; she is highly sophisticated lady who knows how to speak and write English language better than others in the nation and sub-regions as whole. She is uncommonly lady in the history of the Republic of South Sudan which is very hard to find. Congratulations for having her in our beloved country and make sure that she is unforgettable sister in our sovereign nation.

According to what we learned from her mouth she has said generous people tend to be satisfied people except for one thing; the amount they give away. They always want to give more. She added generous people also say “yes” more than they say “no.” They manage money, time, and possessions in a way that allows them to say, “Yes,” more often. Generous people do not wait for opportunities for generosity to come to them. They ask, “Is there anything I can do for you?” And they mean it. Because they know that any possession they hold is God properties, and it is their responsibility to manage it well for God’s purposes. Their possessions are just tools to be used for generosity. This above given explanation allowed me to considering Madam Veronica Athian Lawrence Lual Lual Akuei who said. She is a more generous woman in the world, particularly South Sudan.

Of course there is a sense of levity and energy with those who give. Their lack of attachment to possessions develops lightheartedness in them. They experience a freedom and an adventure that most do not. When individuals align themselves with that design, it becomes obvious. They are easily identified, because their generosity has infected their entire being.

Although there are many different types of generous people, there are some common traits that the most generous people share. Whether they give their time or their money, these qualities are largely shared by the individuals most devoted to giving back to their communities and families.

Although the Latin root of the word means “of noble birth,” by no means is generosity limited to people in positions of power. While it is typically the high-profile people who are in the news for their generosity, anyone can become more generous simply by paying attention to his actions. According to Emmanuel Levinas, the French philosopher, a generous person will display good qualities even if they know the people or group he is helping is not going to do the same in return.

Madam Veronica is more generous woman and altruistic. She gives without hopes of receiving compensation for her good deeds. Personal gain may occur, but it is not a motivating factor for the most generous people like her. She is also a woman of idealist. She has a certain image of the way the world should be, and strive to achieve that end. Although the world is not a perfect place, these people, especially those of her do not stop giving their time, energy or money. As an optimist, she sees the world in a different light than others. She truly believe that the world, although not perfect, can be made into a much better place.

Moreover, trust is a major quality from her. She trust completely that her cause is a worthy one, and she trusts that the people involved with that cause will do her best to help achieve the goal. For those who give, this means a trust that the others involved with the cause will be using her time and resources appropriately. When you think of  being generous, energy is one of the first things that come to her brain. This individual devote her energy to the good that she wants to do. She also gain energy from her cause. When the most generous people spend their time working on a goal, she revitalized and energized to do even more good.

Finally, this quality might seem to be an odd one at first, but she is more generous woman which is not afraid to stand up and lead for her cause. Although not everyone can actually lead their group or cause, this does not discount these individuals' leadership ability. Getting involved is in itself a form of leadership. She is a more generous woman share these qualities to differing degrees. If you are concerned with increasing your own level of generosity, this above mentioned ambassador is the right woman you can learn from her. Fact must be told and set you free from bailed. 

The writer is Brig.Gen Paulino (Brown) Akoon Yel Dut from Health department. He can be reached This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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