Well, it is a matter of doing the job. Therefore, the South Sudan Army spoke person, Cousin Phillip Aguer, must reflect the position of South Sudan Government when giving a statement on military matter.

A military man does not need political considerations to address a military situation; and the Government is assumed by the Army to have entrusted its position to the command. That was the role of Philip Aguer with regards to Mayom military defection. So far so good; but, as for his statement on Mayom declaration, that should have come from a Government spoke person; nonetheless, the purpose is one.

I know, having a contrary view on such an issue will automatically affiliate me to the rebels knowing the way the SPLM and South Sudan Government will always pick up reasons to justify what they cannot substantiate. If that is how it is going to work on me, so be it; that will be a part of my struggle for freedom of expression in my young Country. I am already crippled by my brothers in arms during the war to the knowledge of my incumbent President who, not in person, but in his capacity as the then SPLM/SPLA CHIEF OF INTELLIGENCE, commanded that operation on me at the time. That is left to history; but I want to let my people know that I am now half alive and have nothing much to loose of myself. That is why I must always speak out what I believe to be the truth. Let our children not die anymore of the war of our own making.

President SALVA KIIR MAYARDIT is still the first Vice President of the Sudan until the ninth of July 2011. He is therefore one of the elements within Khartoum regime orchestrating the situation in South Sudan if he had failed to observe his role; knowing that President Beshir would hold back to his seat in anticipation of benefitting from confusion caused by South Sudanese upon themselves. That is Beshir's right to be realistic!! But I would not think that President Beshir, like President Salva Kiir, would be vacillating between his options to have recognized the independence of the South yesterday only to undermine it today in the same manner Salva Kiir welcomed the resolutions of South-South dialogue last year only to put them in the dust bin today.

Yes, liberation requires sacrifice; but to give Ceasar what is his, Peter Gadet sacrificed during the war otherwise, one of Kerubino Kuanyin Bol and William Nyuon Bany could have been one in the position of Salva Kiir today. All that which happened at the time was for the sake of unifying the ranks and pile of our liberation fighters in order to win the war. Perhaps, General Gadet feels betrayed by the same comrades who praised him at that time especially now that he sees no freedom but range of terror orchestrated on the same people he thought were to be liberated by the same comrades in arms who used to give him orders.

Comrade Aguer had not expounded what he describes as well founded goals and objectives; but to help him, most of our main goals for now are peace, freedom, democracy, equality, justice,...........etc. Do we have these goals now or should we have them later after declaration of independence?!!!!!!!!!!.

Talking of last year's election as having been a democratic transformation is like opening an old wound. Yet the Southern parties, for the sake of unity to forge the CPA ahead, had recognized the elections since this was a precedence stipulated in the CPA for holding the South referendum on self-determination. These elections were in the first place rejected by SPLM, on naïve grounds, had it not been for the struggle of South Sudan parties and peace facilitators to bring the SPLM on board; and now they say they did it? I don't understand why the SPLM does not appreciate others.

This piece is an appeal to the sentiments of the people of South Sudan. War amongst us is a destruction that must not be condoned. In regards to the continuous defections and rebellions within the SPLA, I prefer a peaceful approach and this is what I recommend:

1- Government of South Sudan to call for a cease fire and go into serious negotiations with the rebels before declaring independence. Less than this, the international community, leave alone North Sudan with whom we still have constitutional ties, will not recognized our independence.

2- South Sudan Political Parties and South Sudan Government must together work out a formula for an inclusive organization, integration, reintegration, and reunification of South Sudan Army. Call for amnesty and/or deceptive promises will only worsen the situation. Direct and honest talks are needed now.

3- Affiliating rebels to whoever is aggressive, horrifying, degrading and oppressive. Let us find correct causes to find correct solutions. To me, SPLM and Government of South Sudan have a problem making the correct reading of whatever consequences certain behaviors are bound to be.

4- The Army is not happy. Three hundred Sudanese pounds per month cannot accommodate, feed, clothe a single soldier, and leave alone a soldier with family. This is more painful when an SPLA soldier is informed of the salaries and other privileges of ministers, directors, members of parliament, Generals etc. An independent country after war must put the soldier first. But our soldiers, the gallant SPLA forces, soon to be South Sudan Army have become like our domestic servants. I don't know how we expect them not to loot and work against rules.

5- The case of unabsorbed SPLA must be taken seriously. They do not believe that South Sudan is liberated as they are still in their bushes. It seems the DDR has some shortcomings which the Government must address; otherwise, tribal wars, cattle rustling, land grabbing, shall continue. This is one of the causes of defections in the SPLA because some will sometimes defect to defend their people against such unforeseen acts of violence.

6- We must not fail to acknowledge the fact that some responsible people in the GOSS practice acts of violence against their juniors-a case in Jonglei is undisclosed. Such a behavior can easily be seen by soldiers as normal. So why would they not practice it on the population and why the population would not work to find weapons in self defense. Is this also orchestrated by elements within Khartoum regime?

7- Last, but not least, the South Sudan Political parties Alliance (SSPPA), Civil Societies, Faith based organizations and all sectors in the South must be ready to negotiate and come together before the declaration of independence . GOSS shall never achieve peace in isolation of itself from the people. But only SPLM is adamant against this coming together in fear of their power being hijacked! (Hijack was the common SPLM/SPLA word during the war); this SPLM stance is seen in the non inclusive draft transitional constitution which bears no credibility to be a national constitution. The SPLM is also interested in escalating the war with the breakaway groups in the pride that they are the only liberators and anybody else must fall under their whims. Let us together appeal to GOSS to seriously address this SPLM dream. In addition, the SPLM as a ruling party is only vocal about declaration of independence without a proactive plan of action of how to forge ahead. This will create more problems in an instant future; and that is why an inclusive Government is of necessity.


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