Shilluk VillageIt is difficult to understand the real structures of SPLA plus their chain of command. The SPLA officer Lt. Colonel Yousif, who ignited the fight in Dhothim, is a Dinka from Akoka. The motive was purely tribal. Dinka tribe, because of land grapping is trying their best to propagate against the Shillluk.

The Dinka of Akoka wants to take the Shilluk villages on the east bank from Rom to Malakal. The proposed Akoka County which is not yet approved, established their Head Quarters in Nyigir village east of the Nile which the renamed Binythang. This proposed County is a creation of former governor Gatluak Deng Garang just to fuel the conflict deeper between Dinka and Shilluk. The population of Akoka is too small that it does not warrant to have a county. During the colonial period, Akoka was administered from Kodok in Fashoda County. They can now choose either to join Dinka of Melut or Baliet Counties.

The conflict is so great that some people are now using SPLA Dinka from Bhr el Ghazal as bounty killers. Apart from the salaries they get from their establishment, they are being paid by individuals to carry out atrocities all over Shilluk Kingdom. The behavior of SPLA is just private and tribal army of Dinka tribe or even drugs gangs in South America.

Bounty killers have limitations. They are only loyal to their masters and not to the nation and love for money. Once that master is remove as it will happen one day to Salva Kiir, they will degenerate into gangsters and turn their guns on to themselves.

In June 2010, SPLA killed civilians in Fashoda on the pretext that they looking for they termed Shilluk militias of SPLM-DC (clear the area of the Lam's militia). These SPLA were engage in summary execution, rape, and destruction of properties and looting.

On 6th March, SPLA commanded by Lt. Co. Yousif Abdel Rahaman attached Olonyi and his group position in Dou in Dhothim killing more than 200 civilians including women, old age and children. SPLA did massacred Shilluk civilians with intention of wiping out Shilluk tribe from South Sudan.

In a similar development, Malakal was attacked by unknown armed groups at dawn on 12th March. Police Chief quickly attributed the attack to Olony. The governor called in Nuer Militias in Angdaier to kill Shilluk civilians in Town. Most of the killing was done by Fire brigade who were arm by the Police Chief. It is worth to note the Police Chief, technically is a criminal. In 1980s, when he was a caporal in the police and a cashier, he stole the money and went to forest to join SPLM/A. Now he is the police commander in Malakal. During the attack in March his body guards and that of the governor were involved in the attempt of Bank robbery.

Each and every individual SPLA Commander will have a number of soldiers who will carry out his orders as long he pays them. Many SPLA commanders are Dinka who are anti-Shilluks. They have a concept that Shilluks do not like Dinka and are challenging their authorities in the South.

Since SPLA has been politicized and dominated by Dinka, then this bounty killing of Shilluk tribe and grapping their land will not stop. SPLA have taken the properties of Shilluk as war booty and transported them to Shambe on their way to the interior of Bhr el Ghazal (Dinka Land). SPLA Dinka Soldiers have even taken young Shilluk girls as their wives plus abducting children. Many children have disappeared during Dhotheim massacre in March.

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  • Guest - Simongaj

    الجيش الشعبي يوجد بها الالف من أبناء شلو كما أن قي قيادتها العسكرية شخصيات عسكرية برتب عالى مثل الفريق اوياي دينق و اللوء الفريد اكوج كما يوجد في دفشن 7 في ولاية اعالى النيل اللواء فاريد وهو قائد الدفشن في الولاية . إن كانت هنالك قتل والاستهدف لشلو كما يتحدث بها كاتب المقال لتصدى له تلك القيادات قبل كتابتك هذا لكن نتفق أن، في مناطق شلو الاشتباكات عسكرية بين الجيش الشعبي و بعض المليشيات تتزعم انها تدافع ان اراضي شلو وهي اكذوبة سلطوية تصدرها شخصيات سياسية في الخرطو وموسسات سياسية مثل الغيير الديمقراطي . اخي احترام عقول الناس واجب يحتمها الكاتب والانسانية لذا لايمكن ان تمارس الارهاق الذهني في كتابة موضوع تعتقد انها موضوعية ولكن في الواقع ليست موضوعية .
    أخيراً الجيش الشعبي لم تكن عدو شلو ولا عدو اي قبيلة في الجنوب لكن امثالك و فاقدي السلطة السياسية في الجنوب يريدون تصميم شلو بعتبارها عدو لجيش الشعبي و العكس

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  • Guest - Pido Akol

    This irresponsible and tribalist guy from Akoka must be tried in a military court and I am sure this will happen one day. Also there should be a clear definition of who is the enemy of the southern Sudanese people, so that the SPLM troops in Division-7 don't just shoot randomly on our Collo youth.
    I do not have any idea if some girls from Dhothim were taken as captives or otherwise consently to Bahr el Ghazl, but definitely if true, this is going to be a court case. and their commander should immediately informed about it.

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