governor of Gogrial state, Victor Atem Atem

The governor of Gogrial state, Victor Atem Atem, (filed image)

By Morris K. William

Gogrial State youth leaders and Intellectuals were reportedly arrested by the security of Gorgrial State governor during a state honouring ceremony in Juba on Sunday at Freedom hall.

Speaking to Agamlong National Daily Newspaper on phone yesterday, Augustino Agany Achuil, the Secretary General of Gogrial state Youth Union, said that the Gogrial State governor organized an honouring ceremony which he called a trap to arrest the leaders of Gogrial State Youth Unions, Community Youth leadership and Spokesperson of Gogrial State Intellectuals’ Organization, he added that Albino Kuek Deng was beaten and tortured.  Agany also said that the reason behind the illicit arrest yesterday at Freedom Hall in Juba is not known.

According to an eyewitness who preferred anonymity said that, “We were just told to get out of the car and the others arrested today at Freedom Hall and until now I don’t know why they were arrested.”

All efforts tried to reach the Gogrial State Minister of Information was futile, Among leaders who were arrested were; Dr. Tur Bol, the chairperson of Gogrial State Youth Union-Kuajok, Mrs Nella Achuek Mabior, chairperson of Gogrial State Youth Union-Juba, Mr. Majok Wol Chairperson of Aguek-Kuei Youth Union, Mr. Anei Arop Anei, Chairperson of Apuk Youth Union and most members GOSIO. 

“These arrest is undermining the right of freedom of expression in the country,” Gogrial State Intellectual’s Organization Chairperson said. 

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