Paulino Akoon Yel Dut

By Paulino Akoon Yel Dut, Juba

Generally speaking and honestly, as you could have quite familiar that H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit is ready to form Transitional Government of National Unity for upcoming 12 November 2019. The economy of South Sudan which was turned downfall would be improved according to my observation analysis. The worse disadvantage of insurrection was caused of economic ruination which is inflation of money like what happened currently in South Sudan. Of course, South Sudan pounds lost its value even though you have holding million of pounds it doesn't mean you're carrying enough money. So economic crisis is mostly happened during the conflicts in the country. War did not only affected economic in the nation, but it also putting human life in risky and cause an outbreak of diseases such as Cholera, Measle and others dangerous contagious and airborne diseases. Displacement of innocent civilians to refugee's camps is account as a huge demerit.

Therefore, I should thank Mr. President for signing revitalized peace agreement. Which is a good moveset for unity of the people of the Republic of South Sudan without segregation. President Salva Kiir Mayardit is a peace lover leader in Africa and particularly to the people of South Sudan. He is working very hard to bring his people together and adjust economic in our sovereign nation (South Sudan). When there is Peace in the nation things are going soothingly without obstacle apparently. Now the peace was signed in our country of which all the businesses should be operating in a country without insecurity.

In fact in this article I narrate more impacts of peace on economic growth in developing countries. Social capacity for building peace is playing an important role through the peace building capacity in determination of economic growth in developing countries like South Sudan rather than proximate determinants of the growth such as capital, labor, technology and liberal market economic policies. Peace measured by scores for peace building capacity has positive effects on economic growth directly and indirectly. Peace environment countries have higher growth than conflict countries. Peace reduces uncertainty and risk hence positively contributes to economic growth in present globalization. Peace has positive effect on physical capital accumulation and human capital accumulation. This effect is more significant than other economic determinants of physical and human capital accumulation. The economies which have peace environment accumulate more physical and human capital accumulation and enhance to economic growth rapidly. Peace contributes to economic growth by the ways of increasing productivity in capital and labor, good governance, tourist arrival and efficient of institutions also. It's a pleasure for 64 tribes of this country waiting for the formation of the new government of South Sudan. Changes Will be seen very soon in terms of economic improvement.

However, so we need economic development in South Sudan that is conducive to peace. Peace through prosperity is the wide and fair participation in the creation and proceeds of growth: jobs, incomes and livelihoods. Economic activities that are both socially and environmentally sustainable also contribute to peace. Finally I urge the youth of this country to cooperate themselves in form of togetherness and support peace and administration of president Salva Kiir Mayardit. Building peace is the leeway for unity, reconciliation and economic adjustment. 

The writer is Brig. Gen Paulino (Brown) Akoon Yel Dut, from SSUF/A Peace Wing. 

He can be reach This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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