Chuol Samue Tet

By Chuol Samuel Tet

The current politics of South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU) some believed that you cannot contest for the position of president without “uncle” that will back you up. The rest of youth believed much in those politicians then themselves, leadership you are aspiring is for young people not our uncles. The uncle should not be a way for you to secure the position of president in youth union.

Some of these contestants went to the extent of saying security organs are supporting their candidacy and they think this can be a threat for others to vote them in. 

The support you got from uncles should not make them involved in youth affairs, because the future belongs to youth . Some youth make it as an advantage to their political campaign in the second convention of South Sudan National Youth Union. We should not use it as a credit in our generation. The delegates should open their eyes on such individuals among the youth of South Sudan to choose the right leader who will stand firm for their rights.

This time round the process of elections will be free and fair as the preparatory committee set it very clearly that “ there will be no political manipulation from this uncles”.

Uncles in youth leadership is killing the affairs of the youth. As uncles support you to the maximum, they think that you will be their sycophant and mouthpiece. And lose the trust and independence in decision making.

The youth of South Sudan needs to be independent in conducting their affairs without  political uncles.

The youth shall determine a kind of leader they want to lead them and he/she will be a person who can unite the scattered youth of this country into one umbrella.

Youth are not tools to be used by this tribal politicians to back them up for their political gains or interests. We are not good boys of politicians, but we just need their advice and wisdom because of their experiences in the fast.

The youth constituted 72 percent of the population in the Republic of South Sudan we are the largest group, our voices must be heard and we must be represented fully in the government system. The representation of young people in government institutions is very important.

The youth share in the oil can not be only one dollar per barrel as the National Youth Development Policy started, youth deserve more according to their population in the country. Youth budget need to be very clear from the national budget of the Republic of South Sudan and pass by the National Parliament.

Upcoming leadership of South Sudan National Youth Union shall be able to address the issues facing youth at this critical time. The challenges of unemployment must be addressed by the incoming president of the youth union.

The government must look into the issue of scholarship in collaboration with the National Youth Union body, because they are the direct people who deal with the youth affairs in the country.

A youth leadership life appear golden, joyous and vibrant but it needs real commitment. You will never prosper if you don’t use your time well during youth leadership. Many youth leaders consider it is the most important part of their life. The primary duty of a leader in youth union is to work for the youth and acquire skills to become a future leader in South Sudan. In youth union leadership, we must do all our work at the period given to you and maintain personal discipline. 

Youth are the future hope of this country. So, every youth should try to be the best citizen in all aspects, so they may serve the Republic of South Sudan as far as they can. As the say goes “youth are the future leaders of the nation”. The prosperity of South Sudan depends on its youth.

Nevertheless, we need a youth leader who will bring fundamental changes in the National Youth Union, a leader who can listen to the demands of the youth at large. And a kind of leader who will disseminate Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS) to young people and work with National Pree Translational Committee on the peace implementation process.

Union next leadership should unite youth regardless of their ethnicity, religions, regions and political affiliations.

The youth are looking for a true patriot who will convert tribalism, nepotism and fight corruption in South Sudan.

In conclusion, I encourage the entire youth of South Sudan to be agents of peace, reconciliation and healing. The young people should stay away from this disgruntled uncles and works for their interests. I am appealing to you my fellow youth that embrace peaceful coexistence, good politics, forgiveness, love and tranquility.

Let’s abandon tribalism, hate speech, communal fightings and revenge killings among communities.

The author is a concern youth of South Sudan and can be reached through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +211912771933

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