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By Paulino Akoon Yel Dut, Juba

Unfeigned speaking and honestly, I would like to narrate a few history about bargainer Garang Achiec Bol Agiu. I have known that the majority of media users keep ignoring me that I am arrogant, assumption and offender that use to attack innocent people on Facebook without conceivable reasons, leave the rest frustrated and confounded. To go to the history, I want to take this golden opportunity to beg your indulgence to pay attention and go through  this article. 

What he did to us is affected my windpipe. Windpipe is a membranous tube with cartilaginous rings that conveys inhaled air from the larynx to the bronchi. I got the only solution is to make tracheostomy which is a surgical operation that creates an opening into the trachea with a tube inserted to provide a passage for air; performed when the pharynx is obstructed by odema or cancer or quarrel and so on. The best choice for me is to expose him on social media for my treatment.

Coming to the point, the so-called Garang Achiec Bol Agiu is a South Sudanese  national by birth, he was born in Yargot village and he grew up practicing trading activity and later on developed himself to be businessman. During his childhood he told his father that he will be a rich person in South Sudan by all means. In fact he had started his  trading as a hawker trader. From there his business was growth and changed it to peddler. He has been there as a pitchman. Unfortunately, his business collapsed for the first time, when he was arrested and put into prison for the lost of his colleague's bicycle on business activities. By that time his business collapsed and escaped himself to North Sudan.

Therefore, he met with Sudanese pastoralists from Mesirria tribe in Merram, Sudan. That cattle keeper was called Kalifa ibn Ali. He has been there for almost three year taking care of animals. That was where he become Muslim which he denying nowadays. While we South Sudanese don't have problems in Religions whether Christianity, Islamic or Africa traditional beliefs. After spending almost three year keeping sheep in Green forest (Arabic Greenti) he had returned back to South Sudan and started his business again, he resumed his business in Aweil East county which is now promoted to be state currently. As a peddler he move from one place to another reaching Gokrial, Twice and so on ridden bicycle. Horrible news is this, his business  collapsed again for the second time when he has accused of owed somebody money and failed to pay him back. 

After his business collapsed he established himself to be  considered as hijacker on roadside. Special he stood along the road from Malith-Alek-Yai to Merram Sudan. Civilian Garang was there till he gained enough money and restart his business again for the third time. When CPA was signed his business started progressing well even to the extent that he traveled to Khartoum and Uganda as an international trader. 

There, he became famous and most of the people had known that there is a trader man called Garang Achiec Bol from Yargot village. He have been signing a lot of contracts with the government, and it is where he got a lot of money than the rest of broker (dealers). Don't forget that he is been unsophisticated man. He is more illiterate than anybody here in our sovereign nation. Garang didn't gone to school one day for the purpose of learning. He is definitely blind man in paper. So far during his contracts he use to pretend to himself that he is fat, rich and smarter than anybody in this country. He forgot  the fact that saying'' the richness come from almighty God. Due to his being a pretender and assumptionist the government restricted him from all contracts. 

He has been bores without money by then his adorable business lost again for the fourth time. Then he had decided to join politics and forgotten his foolishness. Of course, nobody would give a positions to unsophisticated person like him in our nation. After Gen. Paul Malong Awan defected and declaring himself as a rebel. He has immediately announced himself as a rebel by joining him and proclaiming himself as Military Governor of Northern Bhar El Ghazal State for SSUF/A and appointed they rest of members into different positions. Which brought clashes between him and Gen Paul Malong Awan, in that matter he had been dismissed on the process, for evolved himself in unestablished institution under SSUF/A. After dismissed him from SSUF/A he began to mobilised and confused intellectuals youth that he is a good person than everybody.

More are these; they youth were agreed and open a new faction under his fake administration which is called SSUF/A peace Wing. He was a been a leader for the SSUF/A peace Wing and developed corruption and tribalism. He ate an amount of dollars $220, 000 USD by himself and turning the movement into business project. Don't think that I defamat him, but these are clear authentic which couldn't related with sycophancy. He is a ruthless man, greedy and thief that I am very sorry to cooperating with him instead of me to join the government early without knowing him in political side. As I am speaking per now make sure that I have done my treatment of tracheostomy.

The writer is Dr/ Clinical officer & community Health (C/O) and brigadier General for SSUF/A Peace Wing.

He can be reached This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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