Date 02/10/2019.
Pursuant to the agreement of SSUF/A peace Wing executive committee in September 2019 to dismissing the current chairman.
We the executive committee of South Sudan United front/Army peace Wing would like to inform the government of the Republic of South Sudan and general public that we issue the decree of terminating business man from SSUF/A and we dismissal his ranks to zero level as well.
The clarification goes below;
1. Changing the movement to business project by looting organization money cost of 220000USD. And bought two plots of land in Khartoum. Despise the fact that money were public domain.
2. Promoting and ranking his relatives in village especially hawker traders and cattle keepers and send them to our army in Pantit (contanoment site).
3. Planning to escape some of the members in Juba including spokesman and General Secretary who came for peace champion.
4. Luck of parental education, coverings of bad behavior and lack of qualities of good leader.
5. Making himself overall in the movement even extent of appointing himself as logistic and procurement for the army through phone call and soldiers are in Pantit. While he is living in Khartoum.
6. Illiterate than any body.
Lastly, our soldiers are here and everything is decently here. We SSUF/A Peace Wing under business man Garang Achiec Bol Agiu have joining today the SSUF/A Peace Wing under the capable leadership of David Nok Marial Buot. We urge the government of the Republic of South Sudan to withdraw its hand from dismissal trader and cooperate to David Nok Marial. We also inform our five members who are in Khartoum to reporting themselves immediately to our new chairman Hon. David Nok Marial.
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