Awow Daniel Chuang (Reem Mohammed/The National)
Awow Daniel Chuang (Reem Mohammed/The National)

An Open Letter to the President of South Sudan H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit

Sub: Appeal for the dismissal of the Minister of Petroleum fake Engineer Awou Daniel Chuang

First and foremost, let me express my sincere appreciation to you for signing and implementing the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan. Your decision to sign the Revitalised Peace Agreement in letter and spirit has restored the  lost and trust among the hopeless citizens. As the Bible says blessed are those who make peace, the CPA of 2005, the compromised Agreement of 2015 and the Revitalised Peace Agreement of 2018 has already secured for you a free ticket to heaven with exception of heartless thieves and tribalists like the current minister of petroleum Awou Daniel Chuang. 

Your excellency, I think it is my privilege as an ordinary citizen and at the same time a victim of Awou's tribal and corrupt policies in the oil sector. Everything turn from best into worse when you mistakenly appoint a professional thief and tribalist inform of a reformist as a minister of petroleum. The oil environmental pollution which was completely controlled by the former minister Amb. Ezekiel Lol has reached a worse level under the leadership of the self proclaimed engineer Hon. Awou Daniel Achuan.

The corrupt and tribal policies of Awou Daniel are attracting for you more enemies than friends. Hundreds of children are born daily in the oil producing areas without limbs, hands, eyes and other essential parts as a result of oil pollution and this effect is being blamed on you not Awou because you were the one who appointed him.

Your excellency, the thousands of livestock which are dying daily due to the oil pollution in oil producing areas have left their owners with no source of food as you know livestock are the main source of food in pastoral communities. The minister of petroleum Awou Daniel Chuang only cares for his stomach and relatives while forgetting the real owners of the land where the oil is being produced. He only knows how to collect the oil money and put the money into his pocket but he doesn't know how to control oil pollution. The citizens around oil fields are starving due to the lack of food because of the death of their livestock. The suffering citizens don't know that Awou Daniel is a hyena in sheep's clothes who confused you to appoint him

Your excellency, Awou Daniel Chuang has turned the national ministry of petroleum into a ministry of his relatives and friends. He began tribalizing the whole ministry immediately after taking oath of office. He unlawfully dismissed the civil servants whom he see are threat to his corrupt administration and replaced them with his relatives and friends. Awou conspired with the management of DAR and GPOC to  dismiss those who are not related to him and replace them with his relatives and friends. Awou Daniel then cancelled the recommendations that were issued by the previous minister and issue the new recommendations to his relations. One of the examples is the unlawful cancellation of the recommendation of the senior human rights activist because of his loyalty to the former minister. Awou Daniel has so far employed over 400 relatives and friends in different oil companies and in the ministry.

Your excellency, Awou Daniel Chuang has involved himself in the monetary corruption. He has been looting our oil money without taking them to the Central Bank. One of the examples of such financial corruption is when he requested one million dollars from GPOC in the name of treating a child who was deformed. 

Your excellency, Awou Daniel Chuang has planted tribal hatred and animosity among the youth of the communities around the oil fields. He mobilized and armed 400 youth to block the opening of Manga oil field and this clearly indicate that he is an enemy of peace who wants to cause you a problem

Your excellency, it is advisable to eliminate the hyena before it eats all the cattle in a particular village. The issue of Awou Daniel needs an urgent action before he sells out the whole South Sudan in return for dollars. I am requesting you to remove this fake engineer and replace him with a competent cadre who will care for the safety of the people.


Deng Gatpan Wan

The Human Right Activist

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cc: The First Vice President

Cc:  The Vice President

Cc: The SPLM Acting Secretary General

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