Peter Portsix  bakuony

By Cde. Peter Portsix  bakuony.


Abraham Lincoln once said, every man can stand adversity ,but if you want to test character give him power.

Cde. Dr .James Wani Igga is a peacemaker , true patriotic leader in South Sudan and  compassion leader of splm.He emerged as the scholar and professor that devoted his life to save the people of South Sudan and the  ideal of splm vision and mission .

Cde. Dr James Igga is a passionate leader,who always believe in human liberty,I quote this one day from him " it's when we are patients and respect the dignity of others and that is nationalism".

Through his book which was  titled,(the discovery of our root),it's really touched my heart and I concluded by saying ,action louder than words. In the liberation struggle,Cde. Dr. James Wani Igga was number (11) in the politico military high command of the SPLM/ SPLA and He currently serves as the deputy chairman of splm and vice president of the Republic of South Sudan ,He never Backstab his party and the people of South Sudan .

Cde. James Wani Igga had toured to many states across the country for peace dissemination and splm cadre training  and due to the commitment and dedication to serve the people of South Sudan ,He never rest, despite the fact that most peace always push him back from positions.

Last two months, He toured to the  most part of Greater Upper Nile Region,this includes , Southern Liech , Central Upper Nile and Fashoda State .In  Greater Bhar elgazal,the SPLM National Secretariat dispatched a team lead by Cde. Dr Oriem, the SPLM acting Secretary of  Training, Research and planning to Awiel East State for peace dissemination and SPLM cadre training .

In  Greater Equatoria, He toured to the Yei River and Torit State where He lectured on how to dominate other political parties, disciplinary and code of conduct, how to fight tribalism and corruption.   And now in former western Equatoria state where He was accompanied by Cde. Dr.Oriem , the acting Secretary of Training ,Research and planning ,Cde. Santo Malek ,the Deputy Secretary of Political Affairs and Mobilization and Cde. Ayar Monywach ,the acting Chairman of SPLM youth league,in Amadi and  Gbdue States.

 In Amadi State , Cde.Dr. James Wani Igga held a peaceful rally and where He emphasized on reconciliation and forgiveness among the people of Amadi State ,He also gave a lecture to the SPLM youth league and women's league specifically  on role of youth and women empowerment in peace building .

In Gbdue state, He gave a lecture on the causes of the conflict and  peaceful solutions, pertaining youth unemployment, poverty,climate change,illiteracy, lack of youth engagement or empowerment and rule of law, while the  solution are employment and empowerment of youths,fairness and equal opportunities to all.

Lastly, I want to congratulate the champions of peace and the Joshua of South Sudan HE. Gen. Cde. Sava Kiir Mayardit for choosing the man of peace who love the people of South Sudan ,a man who believe in human liberty and Prosperity and who devoted and dedicated his life to promote  the vision , mission and core values of SPLM .


Perhaps ,it's when we join join our hands together to disseminate and own this peace agreement ,on that we will have sustainable and durable peace in our country .

I call upon the entirely youth of South Sudan and particularly the youth of splm to join Cde. Dr .James Wani Igga , the deputy chairman of splm and the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan for peace dissemination and to  propagate the SPLM mission , vision and it's strategies objectives .


SPLM unite never be defeated.

SPLM organize never be defeated.

SPLM move for unity equality and progress.


SPLM ooyee .

Cde. Salva Kiir Mayardit ooyee.

Cde.Dr. James  Igga ooyee.


The writer is the former chairman of splm student's league .

University of Juba.

And currently the official secretary of information splm youth league.

Can be reached through.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact : 0915589945/092477883

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