Who is a traitor? The great nation (British people) of United Kingdom had come to know a notion of hideous traitor when they had first heard the voice of William Joyce on radio during the Second World War. William Joyce was the dearest son and the citizen of United Kingdom.

As any citizen, William has privileges, rights to enjoy from his country and obligations to defend and serve his country; however, he had betrayed his own people and the government by switching side to support Germany during the Second World War. William had taken a frightening stance which was intended to demoralize the British people of national or patriotic sentiment in order to create a feeling of submission and inferiority before Germans. In his radio message, William Joyce had suggested that the destiny of his people (British people) he left in England was death and that the destiny of his new masters in Germany was life and conquest; therefore, he had urged British people to change side and submit to Germany forces. This media treachery in which William Joyce was rejoicing in English death through broadcasting propagandas had happened at time when British U-boats were sinking into Ocean before Germany gunships and at time when British people were facing hazard of D-day. William Joyce had never off course thought to defend or at least to be neutral or even to show his sympathy to thousands of men and women who sank with British U-Boats and those children, women, young and old people who die in Germany air attacks on British soil.

Have British people considered William Joyce a traitor and what charges were brought against him? William Joyce was brought to trial of the central criminal court on 17 September 1945 where he was charged on committing treason against king and country. He was charged on ‘offending against the root of the law against treason’. In the year 1351, the lords and commons had requested the king Edward 111 to endorse an article that would punish any person who will levy war against our lord, the king in his realm or be adherent to the king’s enemies in his realm, giving them aid and comfort in the realm or elsewhere to be guilty of treason. The Court clerk, Sir Wilfred Knops, said:  “William Joyce, your are charged in an indictment containing two counts with high treason. On 18th September, 1939, and on 29th May 1945, you, being a person owing allegiance to our lord the king, and when a war was being carried on by the Germans realm against our king, did traitorously adhere to the king’s enemies, in part beyond the seas, that is to say in Germany, by broadcasting propaganda and on 26th September 1940, you adhered to the king’s enemies by purporting to become naturalized as a subject of Germany”.

Impact of media war on Chollo people: We Chollo people as other groups in South are defined as a nation by ethnic, geographic, linguistic, social and cultural characteristics. Our ancestors from generation to generation had fought several enemies to preserve and protect our identity, its values, integrity and sovereignty of Chollo Kingdom. They were courageous, honest, patriotic and harmonious in facing their enemies. Those ancestors had inherited us a land to live, a land which is a God’s product. Land accommodates us. It feeds us all the time and it last forever. Unlike money which is human product. Money doesn’t last forever and it cannot be inherited to the whole community and rich or educated person cannot feed the whole community. Our ancestors had inherited this national responsibility to us by remaining vigilance, courageous, honest, harmonious and patriotic against any foreign invading forces to Chollo land.

But some individuals within SPLM and GOSS are willing to assassinate our patriotism, courage, solidarity, harmony and cooperation in time of grievances, death and hardship by discouraging and demoralizing our men and women from defending and protecting Chollo land. The acts of those chollo individuals in SPLM/A and GOSS resemble the treacherous act of British traitor, Mr. William Joyce.

Media wars of Pagan Amum and Dr. Adok Naba and others in SPLM and GOSS: Those remorseless individuals are well educated persons with mental capacity to understand immoral implication of their actions against Chollo Kingdom. But gains of political and monetary positions in SPLM and GOSS forced them to betray their ethnic association. They are always silence when other tribes slaughter Chollo people, invade Chollo land and confiscate Chollo possessions. Meanwhile, they are so vigilance, looking around like eagle to find a prey and ready to twists the reality of our core problem to Chollo grievances through their rhetoric languages whenever Chollo people strike back.

Let me quote the sayings of Pagan Amum and Dr. Adok Naba below which are similar to William Joyce, the former traitor of British people and their king. Our traitors do treacherously confuse the world and Sudanese people at time when Chollo people grief for their dead, unburied and wounded persons in hands of by SPLA and the GOSS. This happened in this month, March 2011.

Pagan Amum:We always told you and the entire world that Lam Akol and his SPLM-DC are being used to destabilize the southern Sudan. Now we have the evidence as you can witness”. NB: SPLM-DC was founded after the massacre of Anakdiar and Abanimo for your information.

Source: Sudan Tribune, article ‘SPLM presents documents it say prove Khartoum support to southern rebels’ published on 15 March 2011 by Julius N. Uma. Also Pagan had interrogated the relatives of victims killed in the incidents of Anakdiar and Abanimo in 2009 as follow. “Why did you fight? There are other invisible figures who urged you to fight each other. Relatives of victims answered Pagan that, “you can see with your own eyes how our villages were burned down with people still sleeping in houses. You should refer your question to the attackers (Dinka) who attacked us at dawn”?

Dr. Peter Adok Naba: “The war to take power by forces started in June 2010 in the Chollo Kingdom with the assassination of Kt. Peter Oyath and his entourage. The slogan of Chollo land was just a façade and a smoke screen for ensnaring the ignorant like some of you. There was no way this rag tag army would have defeated the SPLA and it was definite that the Chollo would LOSE THEIR LAND FOREVER as they did to the Arabs in the White Nile area”.

Source: Pachodo website. Article Title, ‘The wicked, the poor and the ignorant’ by Dr. Adok Naba published on 13 March 2011.

These are the defensive and traitorous stances of Pagan Amum and Dr. Adok Naba. They are more concern about the existing of SPLM/A and GOSS than Chollo people and land. Their media war in broadcasting lies to twist the reality of Chollo land problem is a pure treason against the being of our people, their identity and their land.

The moral duty of each Chollo person is to serve and protect this nation and land. It is a GENERAL WILL that combines us all whether you are educated, illiterate, town or village person and politician or non-politician person. Let be sure that our political affiliations happened to serve and defend this nation from different directions. It is like one man’s sons who possess distinct talents and powers. Each one may be a fisherman to provide their father’s house with fish. Other may be a hunter to provide meat and animal skin to that family and other may be a cattle rancher to provide milk and butter to that family and other one till may be a brave son to defend that family etc. But the failure son to serve his father’s family is called ‘a useless and a son of b***h’.

Our brothers known as Pagan and Dr. Adok Naba and other figures in SPLM and GOSS are not only the failures to provide Chollo people with services they deserve, but they went further by betraying our nation through their media war. We all should treat them useless sons and traitors of Chollo community if they continue their traitorous attack against our community.

Long live Chollo Kingdom.

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  • 'It is useless arguing with a fool...there will be no difference'. I would have ignored this posting by William Okuch, whoever he may be, but I thought I should make a quick response. In a situation of extreme confusion even simple logics will never have an impact on the already confused situation because the agents provacatuers enjoy this kind of situation. They are paid for it. Only history will tell who the real treacherous people are in South Sudan.
    Peter Adwok Nyaba

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  • Guest - William O.Dak

    That is an old Chollo fashion Dr. Adok Naba that a well educated should not communicate or associate with lower educated or illiterate person. You still possess this notion in 21 century. You called Chollo people in your recent article as THE WICKED, THE POOR AND THE IGNORANT. Today you siad you should not argue with fool. There is one thing you should know that, I and other mean what we write online here. We are not fool, not wicked, not poor and we are not ignorant. Dr. Adok, you have to do one thing. Confess to Chollo people that you sin against their being or fight as Gaddafi, or Saddam Hussein to the last minute. Shame on you to belittle the whole people of the Chollo kingdom. You think you are supperior and we are inferrior.
    How many years you still to live your life on this planet? twenty years? Five years? ten years ot thirsty years? Still you will depart this world. But you would leave nothing to remember behind you,except bad reputaton. Also in you would not be in heaven, but in hell because God said, "if more than two people gather in my name, I will be among them". But you are not sitting with people. You work against your own people. You even did not think of rebuilding you own village to make your own people to return there. So you are not one among the gathering people. Shame on you. Your boss in SPLM and GOSS are rebuilding their villages in Rumbeck, Aweil, Abye, Jonguili and in the whole Bar el Gazel state. Your village become forest or bush and now being habitat of wild animal.
    You are wicked, poor, ignorant and fool not chollo people.

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  • Guest - Akic Adwok

    Well done Mr William, however, the SPLM Chollo supporters including Dr Adwok Nyaba and Pagan Amum, Oyao Deng Ajack and others are mindless whom couldn’t appreciate the death of they own people, despite the fact that they have different agenda with them they shouldn’t condemn them. if they are a wise people they shouldn’t completely appreciate the death of human being, for that reason I can conclude that they have the evil attitude not as human being. Those useless Collo Shilluk SPLM, are not brought up by their parents who have spent difficult times of taking care of them in bush and rivers fearing from Jalaba militias before and nowadays Dinka militias under SPLA support. Each and every one supposed to appreciate our volunteers since they aim to bring us security into ours villages.
    I think Chollo SPLM are slave hearten who are not appreciating their own well done job. They like to appreciate enemies’ mistreatment they own people on a daily basis.
    I feel that southern Sudan will suffer too much since the GoSS eighty five percent including the ministers are ignorance and primitives, if there is some folks like Dr Adwok Nyaba calling his people, “the wicked the poor and the ignorant”.

    Akic Adwok Lwaldeng

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  • Guest - William O.Dak

    Execuse me for repeatition. But it is necessary to answer some important sentence of Dr. Adok comment.

    We are not the agents provocateurs (provokers) as you assumed, but your are bigoted demagogue. We are not paid by anyone, but we are morally obligated to express our grievances by revealing you and your lethal comrades to the public. Your paid by SPLM and GOSS to downfall Chollo Kingdom, so that you could keep your bloody position.
    Look Dr. Adok, Chollo people do not sell their dignity. You know it very well. Arab in Northern Sudan failed to use Chollo by giving them money or nominal governmental position to implement Arab agenda in South. Our university students who still studying now and those who graduated pay for their educational cost, but students from many tribes get loan and scholarship. I know many students in Lebanon who were taking shower with bottle water because they have a lot of money send to them by their relatives in government. I as hundreds Chollo students finished my education while doing two jobs plus family responsibility.
    Chollo people do not beg. But few now begin to do so due to the SPLM and GOSS policy. Those are people whose villages were burned to ashes and displaced to Malakal town. They lost their farms where they used to obtain their grains. They lost their cattle that offer them milk. They lost opportunity for fishing. Now in Malakal, they are jobless, while seeing your government looting public money and pay the costs of hotels and for their relatives and families in Diaspora. Few of those destitute Chollo turn to beg now and is you to be blame. This is what you and Pagan Amum want to assassinate Chollo dignity. But we are on the way to rescue those few people from sinking and to restore their precious dignity and identity.
    BIG NO. We are neither provocateurs nor paid writers. But we are clean and patriotic people striving for Chollo renaissance.

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  • Big No Dr. Nyaba and Mr. William,

    Stop this war now, if both of you honestly love your displace Chollo. I want Dr. Nyaba to set a good example to Chollo community never call your brother or son pool when they disagreed with you. If you continue fighting here leaving behind the needs of the people than I have no options left then borrowing the word from uncle James Agor ( Two of you shut up now ) remember Chollo community is bigger then two of you. I remind praying for peace.

    Rev. Francis Nyawello Chan.

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  • Guest - William O. Dak

    Dear Rev. Francis,
    Thank you for prompting us to shut up. I understand what you mean. However, we should not advise ourselves to shut up while our people are mourning their love ones killed through unjustified acts of few individuals within SPLM and GOSS and while our people are not able to find medicine to cure injured persons.
    Francis, there is a saying that there is no smoke without fire. What we write here is not just a mere writing, but it is a part of our national responsibility to address the outstanding issues that cause us mortal grievances. Now you are being a little bit general or stereotype in your comment that urges us to shut up. You seem to be neutral by avoiding supporting neither comment of Dr. Adok nor mine. But you shouldn’t be so neutral here because we are debating on serious topics. You read what Adok Naba write, rewrite, comment as I do. Suppose you are in meeting or in conference. Would you not give in your opinion against or in favour of tabled motions or you just support every idea? When we debate, we are seeking for right path to exit us from wrong way we are pursuing.
    Francis, let us think of what the former president George Bush W’s saying after he declared war against Iraq. “The war to liberate the most trouble region in the world, Middle East has begun. Each country around the world has a decision to take. Are you with us or against us”.
    Likewise, we have a decision to take. Are we with few figures within SPLM and GOSS who are blood sucker (leech) or we have to correct them to implement their constitutional responsibilities?
    “Chollo community is bigger than you”. That is true. But will it keep its strength by not correcting ourselves or by shutting up?

    NB: Unfortunately, I’m not a kind of person who would be forced to shut up. You know me better than others. I will never be shut up and that is my position.
    I’m sorry.

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  • Dear Br. William,
    As we know each other very well for a long time. I want you to know that I do value your input here and some of your expression on the Chollo land issues and your solidarity with our people. But when you turn to fight each other daily on internet this is what is making some of us become frustrated and regret reading some posting here. We need to have self- respect in our writing, and maintain good relationships among ourselves.
    Dear William,
    I am not forcing you to stop writing no!! I want you to do it with reasonability so that can be valuable to other then shouldn’t be use against you tomorrow. Lastly I want you to know other side of me I am with voiceless people the victims and nonviolence person. If you would please use these wisdom from woman of faith. “Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless” (Mother Theresa of Calcutta) Peace be with you brother.

    Rev. Francis Nyawello Chan

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  • Guest - William O.Dak

    Dear Rev. Francis,
    Thank you very much for your cordial message. I appreciate that very much. We share the same feeling and the same grievances as other Chollo people and Southerners.
    My fight in internet is a result of the wrong policy of some figures within SPLM and GOSS and it is the same reason that causes some Generals to defect from SPLA daily. Believe me Francis, we do not have enough time to write, it is not a speechless time, a precious time for brave, good and religious people to deny their life for sake of God’s justice, freedom and peace and love prevail.
    Therefore, whoever use my writing against me in future is highly welcome and I would consider it as part of illegal prosecution being applied against most of Southerners. But not to underestimated other people power simply because they are not in power or in government. It is a changing world. What you cultivated today is what harvest tomorrow. Time will come for those who misuse their power.
    I thank you again and let speak loudly at top of house against injustice for ours is part of conflict management.

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  • Guest - Dr. Daniel Thabo

    In reply to Mr. William Okuc Dak on Collo members in SPLM and GOSS that he decided fighting in internet is a result of the wrong policy within SPLM and GOSS and it is the same reason that causes some generals to defect from SPLA daily.Mr.William,it is not proper to fight war of nerves in internet when so many people do not have access to it.It would have rather better to be in the real battle field and pushing the sons of the innocent people into the battlefield that you will never achieve at all.You will remain in exile and your defecting generals will not succeed.They should have enjoyed eating the fruits of their voting for the new independent South Sudan.They have been misled by wrong people like you William o. Dak. If some people the rank of Generals what do they want more than that.It is not a valuable time for brave men who do not fight within to achieve what they want.I deny running away only cowards do so.Mr.Wlliam Okuc Dak internet fighting will never avail from sufferings ,but it would give meaningful philosophy to go into the battle field to taste the reality.

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