Allow me to express my appreciation to your advice, I received it with faith but let me make clarification to you that I had understood the article as you put it. I’m aware that it was written by unknown individual or a ghost within a claim community who is trying to fuel up the conflict.

In regard to your point that I should stopped attacking Chollo who are loyalty members of SPLM, there are reasons for that: One instead of them to mourn with their community undergoing tragedy, they agitate the people saying that they will continue bleeding if never stop supporting SPLM-DC, also they will face the consequences because SPLM is going to destroy them. In near future they will lose their land, and they will be like Acholi in Uganda. This provocative statement was made by Oyay Deng Ajak in Malakal. In your opinion do you regard the whole Chollo as member of SPLM- DC? Personally I refuted that allegation; Chollo reacted quietly by not electing any member of SPLM party because they saw them not responding to what happened in their home land not now but previously.

Second point, how can I not accused the Chollo members of SPLM party if they alleging every Ocholo to be a member of SPLM-DC including the Presbyterian Church, especial Doleib Hill Presbytery which I’m his member.

Third point Chollo never took arms to fight SPLM/A. But they were defending their land from Dinka aggressive land confiscating which began in early 80s if you are unaware. But unfortunately the GOSS seems to be partial institution that supports one ethnic tribe in expense of other ethnics groups. Please what have our brothers in SPLM do when President Kirr issued a decree giving Pijo to be Dinka County. Dear, give me the clear petition made by your members in GOSS. Indeed, their being silence made Chollo community to disregard them as Jieng supporter.

Sad thing I want to bring to your attention is the massacre which took place in DUR. It was SPLM government that allowed integrated forces to be stationed in that place for purpose of integration but for reasons known to them they decided to murder them in cold blood even preventing the dead body to be buried, this may imply that the GOSS was having bad intention and people can look at them as fighters of the war on behalf of ethnic group that wish to occupy Chollo land.

One Chollo member of SPLM in Malakal reiterated that integrated forces will be attacked by SPLA in coming days, after two days what such man said was implemented by SPLA forces. Do I not have reasons to challenge my sick brothers in SPLM party who have no concern about their mother land but their only interest is to remain in power even if it demands to eliminate their community?

Please being loyalty to a particular party never prevents you from criticizing bad thing committed by your own party against people in all locations. People thought that being member of any party is to represent your community in first place and your party in second place but it seems to be opposite to our brothers in SPLM party, this is purely my own judgments.

Who is not giving peace a chance to prevail, is it the people who protect their land or the people who tried to grab the land of others? Here you need to be very specific to point out who do you alleged in your comments so that people can challenge the cause rather than the symptom. Defending the land is the symptom of land invasion practice by Jieng. Personally I’m not war monger and even I will never support any killing in all its forms. Indeed if the law you are speaking about here is in place no one would go contrary to it but the law you are proclaiming by now is illusion one and nobody care about it. Could I asked you very simple question what challenge does state government posted to repute the Nuer community in Obyel who approached the government to allow them to have that place to be their payam ?

These are some of things that made me bolder against our brothers in GOSS. For sure people without land are not the people. For sake of smooth discussion I want you to remove the word militias in your comments. Finally, I want to let you know my color, I’m God servant who never support any political party. Therefore, any party that discriminate God’s people I will challenge them by all means even if it demands my personal life. Take it from me I cannot compromise with any evil practice either from ruling party or from opposition parties.

Thanks very much for your position; I pray that God inspire you to understand the issues in right path.

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  • " Do I not have reasons to challenge my sick brothers in SPLM party who have no concern about their mother land but their only interest is to remain in power even if it demands to eliminate their community?" Rev. Daniel Amum; I believe you have crossed your pastoral duties into war mongering etrritory. First, all is lies that you are peddling in respect to the fighting in Dur. Your facts are onesided and you have therefore denied yourself the vantage point you could have occupied by virtue of the while collar you wear. You have taken out of context what Oyay Deng and Rev. Tijwok said in Malakal when they recently visited the twon and Dhathim including Dur. You should heed the words of wisdom and stopping panning the fire of hatred lest it will consume you.
    Peter Adwok Nyaba

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  • Guest - Akic Adwok

    I would like to give sincere thank to Rev Daniel Amum, for his responded to the senseless Simon Majok and my gratitude goes to every single one Shilluk “Collo” men and women who have wrote constructive articles relating to recently problem in Shilluk land; however I believe that current situation in the South Sudan together with what’s going on in the Shilluk land will drive South Sudan into catastrophe shortly. Sadly; if the worst one and criminal’s ministries and advisers of the GoSS still remain in place intent on continue attacking on innocent Collo people of theirs legality.
    In short there is time for freedom and there is time for changes from Stone Age philosophy. This message goes to ignorance Shilluk “Collo” politician whom are still attaching themselves with evil SPLM/A policies. Do you think you will change us anymore? No my friend if you will not change your mind let me advise you that you are true enemies of our people therefore sooner or later you will be a victim of what you have said for many days and years due to your personal interest. Please, if you don’t want to contribute to liberate Shilluk Land from your evil friends (Dinka), then zip up your mouth and stay away and leave them alone we are going ahead until evil Dinka will leave all Shiluk land. It is disgrace if someone like you declines their people rights from evil.
    Hence Mr Pagan Amum, Mr Oyay Deng and Dr Peter Adwok Nyaba and other Collo SPLM members including Mr Otwal a new religion Advisor to Mr Kiir, Please tell your friends to leave our land now or they will get consequences soon. In short Shilluk “Collo” are not fighting with GoSS, but the volunteer Collo are fighting for their rights against Dinka occupied their land under SPLM/A umbrella policies. I am certain that we are on the right track the business of goal is going and it will achieve soon in the name of JWOK. Finally I would like to pay my tribute and condolences to families of lost love one my God will rest their souls in heaven. On other hand I would like to congratulation our bravery Shilluk “Collo” for their actions.
    May God Bless Collo people & South Sudan.
    Mr. Akic Adwok Lwaldeng

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  • Guest - Simon Majok

    There you go Mr. Lualdeng. I thought that I was going to have honest exchange of views with Rev. Daniel Amum Odwel, but you completely hijacked the debate for reasons only known to you. What I doubt is whether you are actually on the ground fighting alongside your heroes. your are just fueling a fight that you are not part of and that is a work of heartless people. what is funny though is how your defence force claim integration into SPLA when they are not political fighters. Goodluck

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