I'm sending this article to Pachodo website for public consumation as Dr. Peter Nyaba requested me to do. I want to let  the readers know  that I responded to that article in Khartoum Monitor where it was published on 22 march 2011.

Political Violence in South Sudan 2011

By Pandit Jieng Matbay

Nuer and Shilluk prefer Arabs to Lord over them than Dinka. However, when they were humiliated by NCP government, the Nasir faction leaders went back into the SPLM/A without their soldiers; yet the very John Garang whom they so much hated and deserted, warmly received them back and gave them leadership positions which some of them hold till this day. Nonetheless, they are neither grateful nor repentant. What would be the consequence of tribal conflicts which Nuer and Shilluk engineer when Dinka eventually accept the challenge, or if Dinka respond to persistent provocation? Take Dinka philosophical wise saying that ‘’kon kooc’’which means: patiently wait to know the caus, and they take the challenge on it face value. Will Shilluk withstand it with Padang, even if it is one of the sections like Dongjol of Akoka whom they murdered in cold blood paramount Chief Thon Wai with his family or Nyiel- Ageer of Melut or Abialang of Renk! It is about time that Shilluk become sensible; otherwise they will be chased to the Nuba Mountains or back into slavery in northern Sudan. There will be no kingdom which they are holding to without embracing interdependence which is the prudence of democracy alongside co-existence of humanity. Time is too near for tolerance to wear out.

For Nuer, they are deceiving themselves as the gallant warriors in Sudan. Instead of pursuing education and diligent work, they are insisting on robbery of others property, specializing in cattle rustling. Some economic conditions are being taken advantage of gutter politicians to build their successes on hatred and tribal animosities and old feuds.

Nuer day dreaming as the only men wielding power is surely self-deceiving, forgetting that they bleed and die like other human kind. Will others always accept humiliation: taking their cattle, children, land etc? It is time to know that all people can fight well with modern armament. Civility, respect for humanity and God fearing sense of the Dinka cannot be indefinitely exploited or abused by people whom they share values and land. If some Nuer leaders are dreaming to repeat the 1991, manslaughter in Bor and imagine that they could do the same as Hutus did to Tutsis in Rwanda, the leaders and their henchmen are utterly mistaken. They are sufficiently educated to know the balance of power when it comes to modern warfare South Sudan is soon becoming a nation and not like the four Nuer districts which James Kok summoned in Juba to instigate them to avenge the Nuer killed in Fum al Zeraf (Fangak), BENAFA( Bentiu, Nasir, Fangak and Akobo) cannot be used to fight for idiots who which to remain in power as ministers. You need more then that! Pray and ask God to give you wisdom to serve people but but not to kill them. The political violence which Nuer henchmen are nursing and desiring to provoke, will tear this nascent nation apart; just because they want to attain power of South Sudan; because they think it is turn for the Nuer. Therefore, if it is not handed over to them; they will use might to take it without calculating the consequences of turning into a bloody, brutish and long civil war whose many victims can be leaders themselves in the first place and then civilians. If Nuer pride of heroism is not tamed or curved by amount of education and experiences they acquire through interacting with others outside their Nuer domain, it will destroy this country and this generation for which many are proud and expect to peacefully govern and development their nation. 

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  • Thanks Rev. Daniel for reproducing the article. It puts one in a better situation when it comes to reading your response. The article is well articulated and most probably by an intellectual. However on analysing the article I come to the conclusion that it was meant to enrage people and turn them against each other. I think it was also meant to turn both the Nuer and Shilluk against the Dinka. This could be the work of somebody suffering from political alleination just like the Biblical woman who wanted the child cut into two to deny the real mother her child. I don't think the article was written by a Dinka. My guess is it could have been a Shilluk or a Nuer deranged person like Gordon Buoy.
    Peter Adwok Nyaba

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