This kind of envy proclamation made by Pandit portrays the true color and main intention of Dinka community in the South. If what the author of this provocative article is aim of Dinka to dominate the affairs in South, it is real unfortunate, I predict that whole south will never taste true peace or will never becomes viable independence state.

See idiom argument that Nuer and Shilluk prefer Arabs to be their master and refused Dinka to be their Lord. The question that needs to be answer by Pandit, have we fought liberated war so that Dinka becomes the Lord in the South instead of Arabs? Your poison position (Dinka) was the one which forced Equatorials to initiate ‘'Kokora''. During the struggle the late Dr. Garang made the Movement as Dinka property that ideology forced Nasir faction to break away. Please if you still think that way, be assure that the south is going to be divide into small nations believe it or not. For there is no single community that will be willing to be slave of any tribe what so ever the case. Therefore, the Dinka must prepare itself to wage destructive war from different communities in the south leave alone the Chollo which seem to be real headache to the whole Dinka.

Honestly, Chollo is not the cause of political violence in the South but it is lion Dinka that inject political deterioration in the South, because proudly they reiterated that they were born to rule, that why is you found every'' Ojieng ‘' called himself ‘' bang'' . Don't be surprise that no small tribes will be willing to accept Dinka to be their new master at all, for your tribalism mentality is well notice in all governmental institution in the south. I real felt very embarrass and nauseate when someone says we are people who liberate the south. This is a bias and big lies committed in expense of other communities that shade the same blood in liberation struggle.

Pandit if you think that project of land grabbing which started in early 80s by Jongelei Commissioner will be attain be now under Jieng leadership, I would like to assure you that project will cause Dinka much price, because no single community will surrender their lands to neo-colony Dinka.

Frankly speaking George Athor, who rebel against SPLM government was master minded implementing Jieng agenda of confiscation of Chollo land by refusing Chollo to build their places when the war ended. Dinka agenda became very clear when the President Kiir declared Pijo as the County for Dinka Padang, which is Chollo land. Please can you be courageous enough to voice out the intention of the whole Jieng community in the south?

Pandit you are ignorant about the history of Sudan, the community which fought the war against invader Turkish and Madhiyya was Chollo, if it was not Chollo that defend south from Arabs invasion, I think at this time the whole south could have be Islamize by Arabs. You have right to argue that Chollo will loss it lands to Dinka because Chollo sick minded political leaders within SPLM support Dinka empire ideology by eliminating their own people for political achievement. It is regrettable that person could murdered his mother for position gain. I hope such Chollo traitors have read your article to come to their senses that what they are doing by now will back fire on them in future to come.

I don't want to instigate the war among the southern for it will cause us much suffering but due to unauthentic approach taken by the writer of the article, the south must take precaution to guard against the dishonest leadership that seem to support land grabbing in the south. Knowing that every hidden agenda will be found out and every secret plot will be known.

In case the Dinka community will not repute this provocative article, it will implies that they become another Jallaba in the South, then for sure the South will be turn into grave battle field and their dominion will not be attain. If Southern Government uphold and resort to land confiscation, it will face retaliation from every corner in the South. In this juncture the Government is victimizing itself for the whole ethnics will be against them. Moreover they must stop blaming reacted communities but they should blame their sick illusion scheme. For anyone who digs a pit to his brother will fall into that pit also. Ironically if the GOSS will not challenge this devious article and force this fellow to apology to these two communities he had insulted, then for sure the GOSS will be look at as failure institution that lack peace culture .

Pandit Jieng your intellectual is too poisonous to entire south leave alone two communities you insulted, I wonder if this author perceives that liberated war is over with Jallaba. He seems to forget that Abyei area issue is unresolved until now. Will Dinka community be able to wage the war with north if the worse come? Other communities will be skeptical to support invader Dinka in their war with the North. Let me remind you that the majority of SPLA soldiers in Abyei are non Jieng, then why do they die for Dinka land and their lands are being confiscate by same Dinka they are fighting for their lands.

In respond to question of killing paramount chief Thon Wai with his family, it is heartbroken for innocent people to be murdered in cold blood and no humanist that can support such killing. I hope you are not ignorant about the reason that led Chollo Land Defense Forces to kill him; it was alleged that he claimed that before he died, he must occupy Chollo land in eastern Nile bank. If that claim is true, then you could even support the killer isf you are not affected by illness called tribalism in the South. For person without land is nothing

Pandit Jieng, you must be sensitive, objective and constructive in your arguments to minimize burning tension wounds in lives of the whole South which were inflicted on them by policy of divide and rule. In this light I would like to encourage Dinka community to avoid intermingle their political failure with the question of land in the South.

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  • Dear Rev. Daniel
    The article you are responding to was not published on this website. It will be pair that you reproduced it here to acquaint us with its facts. Transfer a debate from another website, unaccessible to others, is like bringing in a conflict catching people completely unawares. Please don't engage people with something they don't know otherwise you are duty bound to reproduce it here. Kind regards
    Peter Adwok Nyaba

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  • Guest - Simon Majok

    Let me advice you on two things brother Daniel Amum Odwel. First, there is no real person called Pandit Jieng in Sudan, and you will never find one. Pandit means big village in Dinka and Jieng means Dinka itself, and the person you referred in your article tried to join the two words together for the sake of fueling the conflict that has already started. I doubt that any wise Dinka would write such a filthy article you responded to, and that could be a work devil individuals who do not want South Sudanese to live in peace. Secondly, stop attacking Chollo clan-men because of being members of SPLM. Such action tells people of non-Chollo origin that there is something fishy with SPLM-DC. It does not make sense when you accused all Chollo members loyal to SPLM party of not standing by their people. The question who are you (Chollo community) fighting against? Dinka is not the GOSS if you are fighting Government of South Sudan. Moreover, you may be aware that over 65% of the SPLA are Nuer. Where does Dinka as a tribe or community, if you like, comes in? your argument has a lot to be desired. How can South Sudan Legislative Assembly make land laws if certain people do not give peace a chance? and instead they form militia to defend lands. Land does not need to be defended by force from brothers but by law. I do not see any reason for Chollo defend force at all as Land Commission has already started drafting laws that will government our land and enable owners to retrieve theirs as well. Peace be with you

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  • In fact I am the one also who read the article in the Khartoum Monitor news paper in the same date 22-March-2011, I was very serious to reply to the guy who is calling his name Pandiet. I search for his e-mail and the article in all websites,, and and in the news paper itself, but I didn't found it.
    What was written in the article really is the ceiling to war between Dinka and Chollo, he said in his article mains things I can remember:

    (If Chollo people refused to be ruled by Dinka then their Kingdom will be destroyed and there is nothing will be called Chollo Kingdom in South Sudan, because Chollo will be expelled to Nuba Mountain and they will be slaves there because they will not be Southern Sudanese according to him).

    These words cannot be said by somebody aware and has heart, because people like him are encouraging tribal among the people, why he is calling himself Pandiet Jeing Mr.Simon Majok?.
    I know that there are many Dinkas are not encouraging what is going on now between Dinka and Chollo , but they are not agree with it, in the same case there are others among Jeing Community are supporting and encouraging war between this two tribes in South Sudan and I think you know that, what you will try to tell them? And what you can tell Pandiet?

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  • Guest - Pido Akol

    I doubt the existence of Mr. Pandit's article because until now nobody has been able to trace it back. but for sure nobody is for the division of south Sudan Nation on tribal lines.
    For me Dinka is different from the SPLA/M, although some of you are putting the opposite. they intersect only when it comes to the Dinka elements of SPLA who are deployed in Collo land. because they clearly side with their tribe's men against us in complete violation of military laws.

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