God command good men not only to avoid evil, but to oppose it actively. But when good men do nothing against evil men, they are helping them to triumph”.

There are at least five reasons that led to the polarization of the Palestine into West Bank under the Fatah government and Gaza under Hamas government:

- Hamas had won a parliamentary majority during the 2006 elections, but the Fatah refused to recognize the result in January, 2006. As the result Hamas had waged a bloody war against the Fatah government on 14 June, 2007 and imposed itself as legitimate governing body in Gaza.

- Hamas had waged war and invaded Gaza also to extirpate treason in the security organs.

- To rid Gaza from defilements and corruption.

- To bring an end to the possession of political decision-making in hands of some figures within the Palestinian Authority.

What cause the Arab currently deadly demonstrations? The entire world is witnessing unrests in Arab world for democratic transformation. The deadly demonstrations began when Mr. Tarek al-Tayyib Muhammad Bouazizi born on 29 March 1984 set himself on fire on 17 December 2010 in protest of the confiscation of his wares, harassment and humiliation inflicted on him by municipal officer and her assistants. Mr. Bouaziz was university graduate who have no job and turned to do street job for his life. But he saw life as worthless after government who give him no opportunity to work and serve in government has turned to deprive him of his street work. Intensive campaign of civil resistance was followed by Bouaziz’s death which forced the president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to step down in January 2011. The street demonstrators continue in Arab world to this time in order to downfall their dictatorial leaders and kings and replace them with democratic leaders.

In Tunisia and Egypt, the former presidents Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia and Hussein Al-Mubarak of Egypt were wise and peaceful in power transformation.

But struggle for power transformation is deadly in Libya and Yemen where arm generals and soldiers are defecting day after day to support civil and peaceful resistances. Reasons for Arab-street demonstrations were precipitated by living conditions, food inflation, growing of unemployment, lack of political and speech freedoms. But what are the reasons for Southern Sudan insecurity?

Causes for southern Sudanese civil resistances: In contrast, the reasons for Southern Sudanese civil resistances are more serious and dangerous problems than reasons for Arab demonstrations for change. These reasons should urge all Southerners to abandon their differences and harmonize to force corrupt, tribal, incapable and despotic figures within SPLM and GOSS if Southerners do sincerely care for their decent life, security and unity. These figures are known as sons of Dr. John Garang who have no support from the grassroots. They are power usurpers. They said in the bush during liberation time that their first bullet would be fired at separatists. They indeed have killed our heroes in battle field for their call for separation of Southern Sudan and turned our blessed battle field of South to liberate the whole Sudan. Last year, they have betrayed the Nubian and Funj people. It was the second treason to assassinate the notion of NEW SUDAN after the first assassination of separation idea in bush. They refused Yaser Arman to run for presidential election against president Bashier. They are now calling themselves separatists in South.Those sons of Dr. John Garang known as Pagan Amum and Peter Adok in Malakal, Taban Deng Gai in unity state, Cowol Manieng in Jonguili state, Gier Shueing, Luka Biyong and Deng Nehiel suppose to follow their comrades Yaser Arman, Monsour Khilad etc in the North rather than sticking in South to kill more separatists as they did in the bush. I urge the readers to look into the following reasons for insecurity in southern Sudan and use your wisdom to judge in favor or against these actions taken by SPLM and GOSS.

SPLM/Goss’s wrong policy: SPLM and the GOSS have betrayed our heroic generals such as George Athor, Alfred Gore, Gatluak Gai etc and other prominent members such as Mrs. Angelina Teing in 2010 election just to lift up incompetent and weak candidates to contest for election. However, the rejected SPLM members and generals have contested as independent candidates and won the election. But SPLM and the GOSS have refused to recognize them as the winners and brought in their hand-picked candidates into offices who are now ruining the South.

Land grabbing causes more defection of generals from SPLA: Many SPLA generals are defecting from SPLA month after month, year after year and wage war against the GOSS; because GOSS is behind the policy of land grabbing or incapable to solve land problems throughout South. We are witnessing deadly clashes between armies of defected generals and SPLA in Upper Nile State, Unity State, Jongueli State, and Eastern Equatorial State etc.

Nepotism, corruption and tribalism are other factors that would downfall SPLM/A and GOSS: Governmental and civil positions are being distributed among friends and relatives of ruling SPLM figures. Billions of dollars are being looted and divided among SPLM members and relatives in government and outside government and even those from villages were brought and were given huge money to sell it in black market along the streets in Juba. Business opportunity is given to SPLM members, friends and relatives who bought one of the five star hotels in Sudan know before as Meridian Hotel of Khartoum and now renamed as Regency hotel. Tribes which do not give up their lands to those being supported by SPLM are being killed and their properties are being confiscated and they are not allowed to find job in government.

Exclusiveness of major southern political parties from decision-making: Almost all southern political parties are being excluded from participation in policy-making, in taking part in GOSS, and SLA and in drafting interim constitution of southern Sudan. They are refused, rejected and leveled as NCP puppet whenever they act aggressively to assert their right to share in GOSS.

Are we heading toward a second Somalia in Africa after 09 July 2011?

Is Southern Sudan going to be polarized into provinces as Gaza under Hamas government and West Bank under Fatah authority?
Is it not inevitable for some provinces in Southern Sudan to be invaded and rule by the former SPLA heroic generals who have previously broke away due to the wrong policy of SPLM/GOSS?

Is land grabbing, corruption, vandalism, nepotism and power control of SPLM and GOSS not prompting other SPLA generals to defect from SPLA to join Oliny, Gatluak Gai, George Athor etc?

Is it not possible for most of Southerners to seek for political reform by supporting other southern political parties who are so competent to lead the South out from this deadly and chaotic time to bring harmony, unity, solidarity and prosperity to our nation?

Don’t we have legal, lawful, constitutional and moral right to protest against the so call SPLM and GOSS than Arab demonstrators?

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  • Mr. William Okuch Dak
    May God save you from yourself. You seem to understand the political processes in the Arab world more than the Sudanese or South Sudanese for that matter. You better conduct research as to whether or not I have ever been one of Garang's boys. For your information Garang's boys are those late Garang favoured with positions. Dr. Lam Akol was one of them until he rose to expose his arse and was dropped from grace.
    Peter Adwok Nyaba

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  • Guest - William O.Dak

    Dear respectful Dr. Peter Naba,you write many articles and react to many comments or articles which is a way of debating. We missed the manner of debate that takes place under trees in Shulluk villages. It is through debate where many happy, war and sorrowful issues are solved. But internet is replacing under tree assembly. Thank you for your social interaction.
    Are we part of this global village? Dr. Adok Naba, do not ignore the reality that we live in a globalizing world. All continents are becoming a single village. What happens in a single country affects other countries throughout the world. A change in Tunisia is affecting the world now. Freedom of South Africa has effect on African continent in large and the whole world. Peace in Sudan means stability to its neighboring states etc.
    Can we invest what we learned? Dr. Naba, we learn many good and bad things around us or from remote cultures or countries because we are part of this globalizing world. We utilize what we learn as tool to solve our problem. God told us through example that a wise builder will construct his house’s foundation on rock and when storm hit on it, it would not fall. But unwise man will build the foundation of his house on poor soil, so when strong wind hit on it, it would fall. What do you understand in this parable? To me, wise builder is a person who utilizes what God taught us and unwise person is a person who disregards God’s words. But in term of human teaching, we learn from past actions or events and we prepare ourselves to avoid the same thing from happening. But it seen to you, what is happening around the world may not affect Sudan. But it would be a shocking and surprising when the underground earthquake which is an invisibly growing anger in Southern Sudan strike you, your party and GOSS like Tsunami of Japan and Indonesia. NCP or Northerners have been ignoring our frustrations, our aspirations, our dissatisfactory voices and our calls for justice, freedom, fairness, equality and democracy. The CPA states that both parties to peace deal (SPLM and NCP) must work to make unity attractive, but NCP ignored that till Northerners saw the negative result against unity during vote of 09 January 2011. It was too late to do anything to stop Southern Sudan from breaking away.
    Am ‘I not aware about political process in Southern Sudan? I don’t think so because I used a comparison between what take place in Arab world and in Southern Sudan. I touched bases of bush history in which most of our separatists were killed to force other to dismantle from notion of Southern Sudan Liberation Movement. I discussed the consequences of SPLM’s refusal to recognize independents as winners of election which caused defection of many generals from SPLA. I named individuals within SPLM and GOSS including you as sons of Dr. John Garang. Then you should not say that I understand only political process of the Arab world. I use the Arab deadly demonstrations as warning to you and those who think they would not be remove and replace in GOSS.
    When do people disobey their government? We obey governments or leaders when they respect agreements that bond people as nation or community. But we disobey the governments or leaders when they lost their legitimacy by turning their power to prosecute, discriminate, divide people against each other, confiscate people wealth, corrupt and kill people. These are the reasons that had forced you to decide to fight Khartoum regime by joining the rebels in Bush. These are the same reasons that prompted George Athor, Robert Gwang, Oliny etc to defect from SPLA.
    Now when will you defect from your party because it has lost its legitimacy? Your heroic stance is precious than political affiliation. Garang said that, Mosque doesn’t go to heaven, but a man does. Your party will not go to heaven, but you. People will not remember your party, but your deeds.
    Think twice.

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