Office Of Press Secretary. 
August 5th 2019.
Ref: Welcoming statement of Maj.General Madong Muorwel Nyot.
Maj.General Madong muorwel Nyot, the commander operation of Rumbek force in Amokpiny (Panijar), have defected with 713 soldiers from SPLM-IO led by Dr. Riek machar teny and joining South Sudan United Front/Army peace wing.
It's very groovy and delight when I recieved his declaration letter with huge numbers of soldiers carrying massive weapons and took their bold decisions and joining SSUF/A peace wing. South Sudan United Front/Army welcomes its ranks and file the new members who have announced their bold decisions by joining hands with us in order for them to win their accomplishments that have been knotted for so long without accurate complacencies. 
Therefore, the SSUF/A peace wing leadership appeal the government of the Republic of South Sudan to implement the following;
1. That the government of the Republic of South Sudan must supply them food ratio as soon as possible. And
2. delivery medicines service for them both injecable drugs and oral drugs specially Antimalaria parasite and Anti RTI. 
3. The government of South Sudan must relocate them to cantonment area or new environment as well as possible. And that
4. the same government must provide them transportation during transfer to the new location. 
Note: SSUF/A is bang out of peace name.
Yours in the struggled,
Brig.Gen Paulino Akoon Yel Dut, 
Director of military Medical Corp,
Secretary of Health,
Secretary of General information& telecommunication service for SSUF/A.
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