Office of the chairman 
Press Release. 
Date 31/7/2019.
Ref: South Sudan United Front/Army peace wing delegation going to Juba and negotiate with the government. 
South Sudan United Front/Army delegated five members going to Juba for peace negotiations. The deputation is bear on for negotiations and peace declarations.
However, the delegation is led by; 
1. Lt. General Zacharia Monyjiek Baguoot Kiir, the deputy chairman and Commander in chief. 
2. Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Malual Ater Wecnyin, legal advisor to the chairman and commander in chief. 
3. Brig. Gen. Atak Duang Tong Duang. General secretary. 
4. Brig. Gen. Paulino Akoon Yel Dut, Director of military medical Corp, secretary of heath, spokesperson and secretary of General information and telecommunication service for SSUF/A.
5. Col. Garang Agany Ateny Angony, secretary of public relations. 
Yours sincerely, 
Lt. General Garang Achiec Bol Agiu,
Chairman and C-in-C,
South Sudan United Front/Army peace wing.
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