Portsix Bakuony Patai

By Portsix Bakuony Patai

First and foremost , I would like seized this opportunity to appreciate and thank the government of Northern liech state under the wise  leadership of Hon. Dr. Joseph manytuil ,the governor of Northern liech state for the initiative of peace and reconciliation that will build  strong resilience and peaceful co-existence between local communities in the state .

Northern liech state was one of the states affected by crisis of 2013 , communities divided themselves into political camps, it's very tremendous step taken by the state government to lead this process of peace and reconciliation ,the conference brought together the greater Leek( Rokona), Jagey ( Koch) and Jikany ( Guit) to cemented the first ever peace and reconciliation after crisis of 2013 ,we all believe peace is the only option for the people of South Sudan and that is why our support to HE. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit remain dispensable ,after He signed the revitalized peace agreement on conflict resolutions in the Republic of South Sudan.

Finally ,my special message to the people of Northern liech state ,peace is paramount ,no matter the differences, you must unite and build strong unity .

Not forgetting the man who have devoted much  effort and committed for the unity of his people  in the state, Hon. Dr. Joseph Manytuil, let us join him  together with the state government , because peace is the collective responsibility of all ,so let peace prevail among us  and we live free .


Long live the Republic of South Sudan.

Long live HE. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Long Live Northern liech state.

Long live Hon. Dr. Joseph Manytuil.


The writer is the former chairman of splm student's league , University of Juba ,it can reached through .

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