South Sudan Money 

By Alfred Thiik Thiik

The Governor of Gogrial State Mr. Victor Atem Atem in aid of commander of Tiger Division has secretly loaded a military helicopter with millions of pounds from Juba to Gogrial state purposely for purchasing arms and ammunitions to be distributed to his community militants. The governor of Gogrial state who is originally from Apuk is now working very hard to arm his fellow youth from his community to resume the conflict among the communities of Gogrial State.

The helicopter which carries millions of pounds was clandestinely flown by Maj Gen Lual Maroldit to Gogrial state on Thursday and received in Luonyaker by Mr. Victor Atem in our presence. The money will be given to strong youths to purchase arms for self defense along the border of Northern Liech which we managed to see it though it was highly privatized. the governor said Apuk community remains vulnerable to all risks in the border. He also mentioned that the border between Apuk, Kuac and Aguok must be demarcated by Apuk youths in this summer.

The money were stolen from Tiger Division by Gen. Lual Wek the in charge commander and flown to Gogrial state secretly without the knowledge of securities apparatus. Upon landing of helicopter in old luonyaker air strip, it was restricted only to few knowledgeable people and well oriented community youths to access the location of where military helicopter Landed.

The aim of resuming fighting is to maintain Atem Atem on governorship which I personally don’t like it as youth of this area. when he was appointed by president as governor of Gogrial State when there was a fighting and he assumed that renewal of communal fighting will compel the president to reinstate the state of emergency so that he continues ruling State in iron fist. And now he wants to fuel the resumption of communal conflict so that the president gives him more powers and declare state of emergency and subsequent deployment of more forces in Gogrial state. This plan should be told to H.E The President to engage very well to this plan of Gen Lual Maroldit


Alfred Thiik Thiik

The Writer is Alfred Thiik Thiik
Concern Youth from
Former Gogrial East County of Gogrial State.
Can be reached via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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